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Spell check of elevation

Correct spelling: elevation

point, flower, cosmetic surgery, bloom, surge, airlift, architecture, inches, depth, altitude, elevator, top side, increase, growth, line of longitude, divest, notoriety, upbringing, inflation, blossom, crown, bill, vertex, esteem, mound, summit meeting, magnification, extremum, stature, enlargement, loftiness, alt, catapult, significance, lay out, reputation, predominance, notability, augmentation, aggrandisement, eyeshade, illustriousness, face lifting, round top, famousness, bump up, pinnacle, preeminence, memorability, blueprint, extremity, heyday, teetotum, tallness, highland, advancement, crest, raise, top of the inning, rise, exalt, vizor, aerodynamic lift, elevated railway, natural elevation, upraising, popularity, weight, nip and tuck, ski tow, efflorescence, uprising, breeding, civil engineering, whirligig, legend, rising, rearing, ennoblement, engineering, height, upside, elevated, creation, architectural, uplifting, tiptop, landscape architecture, acme, expansion, escalation, explosion, upswing, fosterage, emphasis, high, top, circus tent, prominence, EL, gravity, prime, overhead railway, ascension, summit, superlative, big top, promotion, preferment, visor, accrual, apotheosis, extension, aggrandizement, levitation, ski lift, exaltation, upper side, level, importance, face lift, demote, elevated railroad, noteworthiness, limit, rhytidoplasty, nurture, heave, eminence, upgrade, the stratosphere, hump, priority, preference, fostering, heightening, ascent, feng shui, downgrade, status, rhytidectomy, cover, upgrading, apex, flush, spinning top, acclaim, stress, jump, ground plan, ground level, peak, eye level, raising, mountain, meridian, tip, fame, increment, multiplication, glorification, facelift, scale, elevate, bringing up, upsurge, upland, celebrity, renown, leap, distinction, spurt, fable, lift, mounting, hill.

abasement, suspension, basin, fen, reduction, overthrow, valley, deposition, bottomland, unseating, natural depression, dismissal, expulsion, flat, dethronement, plain, discharge, hollow, removal, glen, impeachment, fall, dale, demotion, dingle, depression, floodplain, bottom, tidewater, degradation, ouster, vale, dell, lowland, downgrade, comedown, downfall.

Examples of usage:

1) What is the result of a movement of elevation? - "Geology", James Geikie.

2) The town of Mayville, perched on its ridge with distant views visible between the houses, and fields and low hills rolling away from its elevation, seemed bright and attractive to the travellers. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) It had been built by the " dancing giants" when some obstruction had been found in the path of the storm; and as Dick fell prostrate at the foot of this slight elevation, there instantly came a sense of deepest relief. - "Dick in the Desert", James Otis.