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Spell check of excited

Correct spelling: excited

agitated, moved, impassioned, uptight, delirious, fanatical, eager, hallucinating, invigorated, voracious, gung ho, overwrought, hectic, hopped up, nervous, haywire, unhinged, fiery, mettlesome, active, strenuous, greedy, desirous, thirsty, antsy, sick, jumpy, passionate, frenetic, hysterical, emphatic, lusty, distraught, anxious, fevered, energized, piqued, distracted, aroused, enthusiastic, lively, puissant, overheated, potent, galvanized, overactive, exuberant, zippy, harebrained, annoyed, phrenetic, enlivened, huffy, roused, ablaze, spirited, powerful, keen, angered, on fire, earnest, strong, hyped up, emotional, prolific, effervescent, stirred up, activated, het up, electrified, zealous, solicitous, hyperactive, excite, stirred, fired, inflamed, provoked, unbalanced, reactive, hearty, aflutter, angry, fervent, frantic, intoxicated, disturbed, feverish, frenzied, virile, demented, afire, apprehensive, aflame, tumultuous, attentive, troubled, turbulent, jittery, uneasy, overexcited, breathless, worked up, raring, sore, randy, wound up, titillated, frisky, thrilled, thrillful, furious, revived, brainsick, delighted, zestful, industrious, hurt, exhilarated, crazy, ruffled, perturbed, glowing, thing, great, flustered, athirst, avid, stimulated, red hot, keyed up, edgy, wrought up, fired up, manic, stoked, flushed, sprightly, nuts, geeked, quickened, hot, steamed up, tense, insane, wild, hungry, unrestrained, discomfited, full-blooded, disquieted, turned on, inspired, energetic, steamy, impatient, ruttish, teased, ill at ease, enthused, psyched, restless, mad, vigorous, agog, heated, pumped, juiced, powered, discomposed, atingle, upset, disconcerted, animated, ardent, strengthened, peppy, burning.

disinterested, placid, languid, halfhearted, uneager, insouciant, composed, incurious, serene, calm, collected, coolheaded, spiritless, untroubled, disinclined, uninterested, unenthusiastic, stolid, indifferent, unshaken, detached, impassive, tame, cool, languorous, lukewarm, unworried, tranquil, unagitated, apathetic, lackadaisical, loath, unconcerned, averse, unperturbed, unexcited, nonchalant, unwilling, hesitant, undisturbed, unreactive, aloof, reluctant, casual.

Examples of usage:

1) I thought she seemed excited, too. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Some one told me it hadn't been so excited for years. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) I won't get excited, Kent, and I'll tell you everything I see- please! - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.