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Spell check of earnest

Correct spelling: earnest

compliant, darling, lively, plucky, uncompromising, hearty, sober, eager, adaptable, honest, straightforward, implacable, fervent, heavy, iron-willed, dignified, unflinching, staunch, longing, honorable, impassioned, devout, important, ethical, grave, businesslike, ablaze, energetic, powerful, committed, submissive, persevering, zippy, impetuous, malleable, stubborn, ready, truthful, potent, zealous, pliable, valiant, beloved, steadfast, fearless, tireless, determined, dauntless, no-nonsense, keen, uncomic, unshakeable, anxious, steely, relentless, importunate, receptive, flexible, yearning, indefatigable, animated, resolute, set, active, sobersided, attitude, weighty, dedicated, lusty, burning, virile, ruthless, tenacious, tame, momentous, ambitious, susceptible, strenuous, reliable, heartfelt, dogged, driven, strong-willed, intense, ductile, vehement, cooperative, work, sprightly, pliant, faithful, sedate, resolved, frank, glowing, ardent, passionate, agitated, unyielding, purposeful, trustworthy, in earnest, grim, persistent, unwavering, strong, thorough, strong-minded, severe, costly, spunky, sedulous, prolific, bold, sincere, diligent, courageous, agreeable, god-fearing, zestful, demure, tough, desirous, dear, persuadable, peppy, decided, solemn, hot, firm, constant, industrious, indomitable, full-blooded, emphatic, puissant, spirited, good, acquiescent, enthusiastic, serious, willing, amenable, competitive, decisive, biddable, staid, unsmiling, factual, true, excited, yielding, pricey, motivated, devoted, mettlesome, loyal, fiery, steady, near, warm, insistent, vigorous, high-priced, afire, frisky, impatient, pricy, deliberate, somber, candid, plastic, unbending, stern, bullheaded, po-faced, inexorable, tractable, humorless, assenting, exuberant, intent, headstrong, unchangeable.

farcical, unwise, unconcerned, hilarious, unmoved, puerile, screaming, antic, nutty, brainless, sidesplitting, playful, uninterested, jerky, flip, screwball, insane, comical, facetious, kittenish, dotty, ludicrous, frigid, regardless, light-headed, laughable, joking, heedless, humorous, cool, phlegmatic, hysterical, sappy, apathetic, careless, risible, daft, calm, funny, stolid, senseless, insincere, light, cuckoo, mad, wacky, indifferent, dispassionate, flippant, weak-minded, absurd, flighty, scatterbrained, goofy, cockeyed, featherbrained, crazy, jocular, silly, uproarious, stony, kooky, lunatic, zany, witless, ridiculous, negligent, daffy, lighthearted, purposeless, balmy, loony, droll, cold, preposterous, frivolous, nonsensical, half-witted, asinine, riotous, fatuous, unmindful, foolish, jesting, harebrained, comic.

Examples of usage:

1) " I am so happy this morning, and so grateful to you, Marjorie, for all you've done for me, and most of all for your friendship," was Constance's earnest answer. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) It- it- would be more- more as if you were in earnest. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) And from that time the work that Stas spoke of began in earnest. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.