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Spell check of intense

Correct spelling: intense

austere, tempestuous, alive, caustic, lifelike, prudish, vicious, impassioned, extreme, acuate, marked, ardent, animated, acerbic, strict, correct, demonstrative, incisive, inky, fiery, stern, uproarious, unbending, gaudy, pressure-cooker, disciplined, trigger-happy, ferocious, tart, dreadful, concentrated, short, bitter, Draconian, histrionic, fervid, blunt, pictorial, Spartan, cool, icy, overwhelming, aggravated, terrible, inflexible, exciting, longing, strait-laced, rainbow-like, passional, emotional, painted, anxious, taxing, sharp, ascetic, full, astringent, meticulous, serious, burning, obdurate, broiling, puritanical, demure, frosty, gruff, sedate, fervent, charged, stringent, dramatic, extraordinary, great, glowing, dire, exacting, lean, torrid, tinted, powerful, high-strung, rigorous, superheated, fierce, penetrating, authoritarian, radical, sober, strained, incandescent, abrupt, eager, explosive, strong, hued, intensified, bright, piercing, basic, abusive, utmost, yearning, knifelike, flaming, brusque, obstinate, desperate, importunate, acute, intensive, savage, somber, keen, all-consuming, eventful, heavy, frightful, vivid, surface, hot-blooded, profound, crisp, blood-and-guts, rich, consuming, hellacious, oppressive, fearful, spare, lurid, tough, supreme, acrimonious, wicked, thrilling, deep, demanding, violent, earnest, screaming, hysterical, bleak, chromatic, hot, unabated, stained, intolerant, garish, undue, heightened, fighting, cutting, thick, fearsome, forceful, religious, exceptional, chilly, compelling, censorious, precise, strenuous, furious, challenging, colored, stinging, exquisite, brisk, raging, pure, raw, exaggerated, severe, needlelike, relentless, exotic, dyed, blazing, uncompromising, impetuous, ghastly, bright-hued, bad, warm-blooded, harsh, tearing, curt, hidebound, hard, shrill, fast, passionate, grim, full-colored, feverish, stark, big, impatient, terrific, stiff-necked, desirous, high-colored, fundamental, piquant, difficult, graphic, enthusiastic, soulful, warm, intent, diligent, imperial, frenzied, dour, discriminating, spectral, enthralling, penetrative, uttermost, high-pitched, saturated, dignified, excruciating, brawling, arduous, exhilarating, brilliant, assaultive, shaded, biting, blistering, excessive, perfervid, grave, awful, dry, zealous, tumultuous, punishing, red-hot, outrageous, vehement, critical, drastic, solemn, complicated, wild, almighty, colorful, crash, rigid, heavy-duty, florid, pungent, main, cold.

eased, purposeless, heedless, calm, regardless, cold, soft, abated, moderated, unconcerned, phlegmatic, indifferent, light, reduced, dull, unsaturated, lightened, unmoved, subdued, decreased, gentle, reserved, emotionless, uninterested, unmindful, qualified, dry, frigid, impassive, diminished, toned, stony, moderate, apathetic, superficial, alleviated, lessened, undemonstrative, mild-mannered, negligent, objective, dispassionate, weak, careless, shallow, mild, unemotional, cool, detached, temperate, impersonal, stolid, feeble.

Examples of usage:

1) To Collingwood, the change in Charlotte's mood was an intense relief. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) All this I studied with intense interest. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) When I reached it, she just opened her eyes again, and supported by Fabio, she turned towards me with a look of intense anguish and despair, but directly she tried to smile again. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.