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Spell check of hearty

Correct spelling: hearty

enthusiastic, set, blind, hail-fellow, substantive, obstinate, complaisant, false, gabby, warm, hooked, deliberate, passionate, celebratory, mettlesome, valiant, faithful, social, right, iron, healthy, ardent, unwavering, genial, brotherly, folksy, friendly, fervent, jovial, stout, garrulous, full-blood, matey, heartfelt, material, powerful, stubborn, serious, ruthless, committed, enduring, cordial, frisky, energetic, full, full-blooded, wholesome, whole, inexorable, stony, spunky, fond, emphatic, blooded, dauntless, bitter, hail-fellow-well-met, plucky, comradely, lusty, keen, firm, significant, well-disposed, courageous, talkative, robust, persevering, effusive, concupiscent, iron-willed, zealous, decisive, affable, peppy, deep-seated, comforting, convivial, self-coloured, forceful, real, able-bodied, fervid, insistent, loving, unflagging, puissant, relentless, indomitable, glad, virile, sprightly, flintlike, vigorous, mock, gregarious, steely, gracious, implacable, lustful, accessible, collegial, unshakeable, reliable, light, unaffected, determined, jolly, self-colored, industrious, earnest, fiery, tenacious, thorough, amiable, obdurate, alfresco, honest, affective, sit-down, substantial, dedicated, indefatigable, fit, fearless, palsy-walsy, cheerful, bouncing, unyielding, kind, ablaze, burning, zestful, spirited, companionable, favorable, easygoing, afire, neighborly, strong-willed, sound, unanimous, unchangeable, animated, strong-minded, slap-up, courteous, active, steadfast, casual, zippy, good, whole-souled, intent, sociable, headstrong, acutely, tender, complete, uncompromising, intense, profuse, well, impassioned, unbending, devout, hale, satisfying, natural, motivated, warmhearted, decided, straight, dogged, hospitable, unmannered, basic, tireless, gushing, vivacious, excited, straightforward, red-blooded, deep, healthful, stiff, loyal, cheery, bold, responsive, cheering, brave, bullheaded, affectionate, avid, exuberant, born-again, frank, frugal, congenial, palsy, depth, bonhomous, resolved, upstanding, glowing, diligent, solid, strong, hard, buddy-buddy, kindly, strenuous, bulldogged, sturdy, authentic, unfeigned, tough, heavy, devoted, unflinching, chatty, constant, health, chummy, sincere, genuine, amicable, resolute, eager, steady, potent, lively, true, willing, happy, undaunted, persistent, well-conditioned, prolific, staunch, wholehearted, square, agitated, unrestrained, stern.

perfunctory, doubtful, ailing, uncomplete, unfit, poorly, weakly, inimical, limp, delayed, challenged, decrepit, disputatious, wimpy, weak-kneed, distant, combative, cool, tentative, characterless, incapacitated, pugnacious, bellicose, sickened, alienated, hesitating, grudging, adverse, frigid, frosty, crippled, spiritless, reticent, undernourished, indifferent, unsociable, run-down, debilitated, reluctant, qualified, inhospitable, hostile, hedging, weakened, belligerent, resistant, scrappy, icy, worn-out, halt, spineless, listless, uncertain, cold-blooded, estranged, malnourished, unwilling, lame, bad, quarrelsome, equivocal, uneager, frail, feeble, uninterested, incomplete, contentious, disinterested, unwell, lackadaisical, dispassionate, unexcited, sickly, wishy-washy, apathetic, dilatory, unwholesome, unfriendly, diseased, sick, halfhearted, tepid, unhealthy, delicate, hesitant, lukewarm, effete, warlike, infirm, aggressive, unenthusiastic, disaffected, haggard, gaunt, ill, cold, weak, diffident, argumentative, troubled, disabled, glacial, unsound, antagonistic, fragile, truculent, wintry, emaciated, insecure, unkind, unsocial, differently abled, forced, chilly, afflicted, enfeebled.

Examples of usage:

1) I don't say but we were all surprised, but you'll find a hearty welcome at the island. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Maclaughlin broke into a hearty laugh. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) He gave her a hearty kiss. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.