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Spell check of hysterical

Correct spelling: hysterical

distrait, shocked, irresponsible, farcical, boiling, riotous, hilarious, horror-struck, thing, mad, playful, passionate, alarmed, confused, excited, torrid, ludicrous, nutty, irrepressible, schizoid, neurotic, fanatical, raving, panic-stricken, frothing, fearful, intense, psycho, overwrought, tempestuous, harrowed, extreme, insane, impassioned, violent, depressed, maniacal, scared, furious, delirious, droll, demented, psychoanalytical, vehement, terrorized, priceless, hysteric, comical, laughable, crazed, supernatural, hypnotic, bipolar, rabid, horrified, raging, telepathic, soulful, psychoneurotic, fiery, antic, fuming, spooked, incensed, emotional, affrighted, blithering, overexcited, wrong, troubled, babbling, wild-eyed, ridiculous, unnerved, hallucinatory, deranged, rampant, uncontrolled, agitated, frightened, frantic, uproarious, terrified, unbalanced, chucklesome, absurd, jittery, histrionic, lunatic, crazy, humorous, distraught, brain-sick, comedic, comic, unrestrained, maddened, irrational, feverish, frenzied, screaming, nervous, scary, angry, astrological, possessed, psychotic, batty, uncontrollable, childish, amuck, tempest-tossed, blazing, certifiable, kooky, mental, spasmodic, subliminal, humoristic, amusing, spiritual, berserk, crack-brained, distracted, mystical, psychological, diminished responsibility, impetuous, funny, unreasonable, aghast, risible, wrought-up, perverse, ardent, convulsive, wry, turbulent, psychic, sidesplitting.

grave, tranquil, sedate, adventurous, assured, unhumorous, solemn, bold, unshaken, dashing, fearless, peaceful, calm, valorous, gallant, unfunny, plucky, brave, coolheaded, courageous, sorrowful, serene, spunky, resolute, heroic, poignant, recollected, self-collected, venturesome, lame, lachrymose, collected, affecting, tragic, adventuresome, daredevil, cool, humorless, tearful, mournful, sanguine, self-possessed, staid, sad, stalwart, gutsy, confident, self-composed, no-nonsense, untroubled, audacious, undisturbed, manful, placid, daring, woeful, venturous, unamusing, unneurotic, serious, undaunted, touching, unperturbed, intrepid, dauntless, stouthearted, valiant, uncomic, unafraid, sure, stout, unworried, hardy, severe, unsmiling, earnest, sober, sobersided, somber, moving, lionhearted, composed, unagitated, weighty, spirited.

Examples of usage:

1) A false, almost hysterical, enthusiasm lighted our faces, but the muscles were not yet equal to the task set for them. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The shock these words gave me was so great that I burst into a fit of hysterical tears. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) And now she relieved her feelings in a burst of hysterical affection for her dear friend who had been so kind to her and whom she must leave. - "Command", William McFee.