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Spell check of feverish

Correct spelling: feverish

overwrought, babbling, heart-felt, wobbling, aroused, quavering, uneasy, hasty, erratic, attentive, interested, spastic, heated, urgent, quivering, burning, shaking, frenetic, pelting, passionate, trembling, twitchy, violent, distraught, fleet, hurried, hot-blooded, deranged, flushed, speedy, dashing, responsive, jittery, troubled, rabid, swift, ill, psycho, unfit, passional, torrid, twitching, anxious, scorching, incandescent, absorbed, schizoid, neurotic, perfervid, warm-blooded, overactive, quaking, jarred, inflamed, disturbed, nervous, anticipatory, broiling, shivering, tropical, demented, shuddering, religious, alive, exuberant, agitated, bustling, fevered, fascinated, abrupt, stimulated, sweltering, feelings, fervent, churned, wild, kooky, hectic, febrific, pyretic, scalding, failing, irrational, breathless, energized, flaming, ardent, charged, infectious, maniacal, brisk, crack-brained, temperate, quick, fervid, impatient, excited, fragile, feverous, sensitive, emotional, excite, breakneck, electrified, darting, glowing, demonstrative, insane, delirious, frantic, ferocious, mad, blazing, convulsive, unhealthy, effervescent, searing, sick, fast, batty, red-hot, writhing, fluttered, skittish, rapid, restless, febrile, unquiet, galloping, wired, unbalanced, running, fierce, shaken, turbulent, hysterical, berserk, lunatic, fiery, deeply felt, worse, exhilarated, blithering, impassioned, vehement, psyched, nutty, unwell, superheated, hot, rushing, baking, psychotic, upset, brain-sick, palpitating, flying, jumpy, roasting, sympathetic, crazy, hyperactive, animated, intense, frenzied, perturbed, disquieted, jerky, warm, frail.

dispassionate, unperturbed, easygoing, placid, emotionless, coolheaded, quiet, objective, afebrile, low-pressure, balanced, unemotional, composed, well, collected, impassive, temperate, calm, reasonable, tranquil, cold, reserved, serene, peaceful, dry, relaxed, casual, untroubled, impersonal, unworried, detached, undemonstrative, undisturbed, sane, subdued, cool, unshaken, unagitated, sound, moderate.

Examples of usage:

1) I was feverish and mentally dazed. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) It makes us a little feverish, I fear. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) Then she became very quiet, only the twitchings of the feverish half opened mouth betrayed her sufferings. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.