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Spell check of fired

Correct spelling: fired

powered, braised, ablaze, revived, impelled, inflamed, agitated, aroused, poked, lit, incandescent, instigated, driven, launched, projected, prompted, excited, shone, enticed, bowled, scintillated, propelled, knocked, inspired, shoved, roused, encouraged, sparkled, induced, nudged, threw, unemployed, glittered, thrust, forceful, cast, radiated, baked, slung, flashed, recharged, flooded, roasted, let go, cooked, kindling, compelled, invigorated, electrified, pelted, simmered, heated, butted, jogged, animated, jolted, singed, magnetized, flicked, pushed, drove, shunted, burned, bumped, prodded, activated, warmed, hurtled, alight, provoked, stewed, discharged, exhilarated, struck, grilled, fluoresced, jostled, stricken, chucked, sparked, rammed, urged, charred, bunted, empowered, laid-off, fermented, thrown, incandesced, flared, disturbed, precipitated, beamed, energized, forced, triggered, fomented, glowed, gleamed, glinted, boiled, hastened, barbecued, goaded, fried, jerked, spotted, sweltered, shot, pink-slipped, flung, moved, hurled, canted, illuminated, parboiled, motivated, seared, disquieted, burning, scorched, toasted, blazed, pitched, parched, scalded, catapulted, tossed, glowing, aflame, charged, stimulated, dismissed, afire, heaved, lobbed, smoking, punched, poached, broiled.


Examples of usage:

1) One of the reasons that I wanted you so badly was that I hated it so here, and it was so all- fired lonely. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) I back- fired and saved the house- and your wife- from going up in smoke. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Swiftly John raised the revolver in his right hand, and fired low. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.