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Spell check of cold

Correct spelling: cold

sepulchral, choo-choo, spontaneous, tatty, boo-boo, sullen, uninterested, frosted, perfunctory, polar, frigidness, cutting, unconscious, raw, accidental, hard-eyed, refrigerant, severe, murky, solemn, piercing, frost, mothy, altitude sickness, cold spell, elegiac, morose, somber, moth-eaten, disconsolate, unsympathetic, refrigerated, stony, aloof, unintended, insentient, departed, breathless, funereal, gelid, deceased, defunct, icy, frore, boreal, bitter, anorexia, bronchitis, ratty, insensible, freezing, dry, right now, fast, blood poisoning, harsh, acold, frosty, gone, suddenly, unconcerned, shivering, chilled, glacial, beriberi, dismal, bow-wow, frigorific, snappy, antagonistic, far, old, senseless, random, nipping, stone-cold, headlong, straight, dispassionate, at once, brisk, distant, depressing, instantly, inhumane, inclement, chilliness, Cimmerian, fresh, unmoved, gelidity, rimed, perspiring, chilly, coldness, iced, cross, passive, frozen, bitterness, cold-blooded, glum, crisp, cheerless, snowy, dead, bold, deviled, cold-eyed, intense, saturnine, unwilling, chintzy, biting, al dente, desolate, anthrax, inhibited, unclubbable, dust-covered, unwarmed, sharp, breaded, uncaring, bleak, late, on-the-spot, bunny, coldish, miserable, lonely, involuntary, unheated, unaffected, comfortless, hostile, buttoned-up, Alzheimer's disease, asocial, asleep, emotionless, low temperature, insouciant, dreich, sunless, birdie, unpleasant, nonchalant, brittle, keen, insensate, cloudy, curried, half-hearted, dusty, algid, frostiness, awareness, arctic, bang, neutral, promptly, dire, frigidity, bright, indifferent, coolness, briskness, warm, nippy, inhuman, penetrating, coincidental, deep-fried, heatless, unresponsive, unloving, au naturel, tenebrous, ablaze, cooked, churlish, detached, darkening, straight away, ague, tenebrific, bone-chilling, black, gray, unbending, unsociable, low, dreary, ice-like, remote, depressive, stale, unfriendly, frigid, wind chill, lugubrious, standoff, unemotional, attitude, chill, stiff, lukewarm, plutonian, wintry, colored, bleached, morbid, frozenness, appendicitis, unenthusiastic, numbing, wretched, lifeless, clean, cool, impartial, forlorn, dark, arbitrary, apathetic, offish, big, impromptu, antiseptic, passionless, ardorless, cold snap, brash, common cold, lonesome, botulism, nuclear winter, shabby, disinterested, hot, rimy, perfect, godforsaken, antisocial, easygoing, iciness, demised, standoffish, refrigerating, color-coded, fallen, ice-cold, stinging, freeze, coolish, shivery, drear, clammy, hard, parky, battered, instinctive.

compassionate, breathing, overheated, up, happy, amiable, awake, buoyant, congenial, tropic, companionable, folksy, sizzling, expressive, equatorial, passionate, warming, cordial, flaming, jocund, summery, blistery, reheated, genial, emotional, heated, fervent, vivacious, toasty, ardent, running, encouraging, gracious, kindhearted, close, white, sweltry, friendly, heated up, sunshiny, baking, festive, sultry, dynamic, calefactive, kindly, sociable, boon, vibrant, sulphurous, hot, living, neighborly, outgoing, cheerful, seething, feverish, quick, inflamed, sensual, snug, tepid, heat, thermal, high temperature, stifling, fresh, clubbable, heatable, gregarious, blistering, heartwarming, eager, flushed, calorifacient, thriving, operative, lighthearted, mild, igneous, ultrahot, calefactory, boiling, talkative, blithe, baking hot, blazing, warm, scorching, cheery, animated, affable, fervid, blithesome, joyous, near, searing, steamy, live, het up, hopeful, loving, lukewarm, hearty, lively, mirthful, warmhearted, agreeable, active, extroverted, warm-blooded, sulfurous, scalding, enthusiastic, revived, garrulous, cheering, functioning, burning, communicative, lightsome, expansive, humane, imperfect, going, nigh, fiery, vital, alert, conscious, resuscitated, red-hot, tropical, kind, muggy, roasting, convivial, bright, sympathetic, het, molten, calorific, animate, optimistic, warmed, white-hot, aware, original, comforting, demonstrative, jolly, calefacient, alive, social, torrid, joyful, hotness, broiling, hottish, canicular, sweltering, clubby, hospitable, glowing, merry.

Examples of usage:

1) It isn't as if she had a cold. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) No, he was not cold. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Get some cold wather quickly! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.