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Spell check of aloof

Correct spelling: aloof

thoughtless, reserved, chill, ruthless, detached, unhurried, unperceptive, blackballed, level-headed, faraway, reticent, disregardful, uncompassionate, standoffish, neutral, dead, poker-faced, self-controlled, mild, unemotional, undemonstrative, comatose, outcast, impassive, insensible, antisocial, preoccupied, extirpated, deadpan, stoic, upstage, hard-boiled, incurious, passive, indifferent, demure, withdrawn, reclusive, nonchalant, attitude, hardened, maverick, buttoned-up, blunt, anonymous, hermitic, stony, cloistered, excluded, emotionless, asocial, numb, distant, insensitive, cold-blooded, ostracized, moderate, uncommunicative, remote, inscrutable, banished, xenophobic, meek, tough, unsociable, placid, even-tempered, secluded, alienated, stoical, napping, unconscious, staid, cold-eyed, composed, stolid, hot, cool, frigid, absent-minded, senseless, anesthetized, isolated, dull, controlled, apathetic, solitary, easygoing, calm, imperturbable, chilly, exiled, unclubbable, standoff, unfeeling, lonely, tranquil, cold, passionless, expatriated, confined, insentient, segregated, disinterested, uninvolved, unflappable, narcotic, removed, separate, dry, boycott, oblivious, offish, alone, unresponsive, unexcitable, callous, dispassionate, swooning, absent, unsympathetic, steady, hard, apart, concern, heartless, distracted, heedless, serene, self-composed, faint, wandering, befuddled, objective, hardhearted, dreamy, unmindful, negligent, misanthropic, unconcerned, ignoring, separated, unapproachable, soporific, frosty, unbending, uninterested, sequestered, inattentive, inadvertent.

companionable, affable, social, congenial, warm, convivial, gregarious, talkative, communicative, neighborly, kindly, cordial, gracious, friendly, garrulous, amiable, agreeable, unreserved, clubbable, sociable, genial, outgoing, expansive, extroverted, hospitable, folksy, boon, clubby.

Examples of usage:

1) Unfortunately, it is perfectly clear to me that from her, I also must keep aloof. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) As the days slipped past, curiously aloof and reserved though he was, making no friends and seeking for none, nevertheless he began to look about him and considered the future. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) She came through quickly, although she had held very much aloof from these undesirable neighbors. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.