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Spell check of frosty

Correct spelling: frosty

polar, lively, zippy, barbed, raw, natty, acrimonious, fresh, gruff, correct, austere, snappy, spanking, stiff-necked, wintery, raffish, unsociable, arctic, frizzly, dour, mordacious, brisk, freezing, caustic, keen, standoffish, intolerant, unbending, hot, whipping, standoff, frozen, terse, sharp, frigid, antiseptic, quick-frozen, short, critical, Spartan, censorious, astringent, rigid, blunt, precise, harsh, rooted, fixed, cold, black ice, remote, relentless, stringent, bone-chilling, dapper, ice over, cold-eyed, lean, cutting, acute, ascetic, wintry, exacting, rattling, stony, clammy, curt, obstinate, biting, fundamental, glacial, disciplined, strict, oppressive, antagonistic, spare, piquant, acerbic, ice-cold, unclubbable, demanding, brusque, stern, flash-frozen, stark, prudish, bitter, tart, shivery, dashing, parky, uncompromising, detached, hidebound, offish, spruce, intense, buttoned-up, severe, hard, meticulous, gelid, stock-still, cold-blooded, hard-eyed, spiffy, abrupt, chilly, coolish, rakish, basic, numbing, crispy, rigorous, Draconian, frost, unfriendly, puritanical, glare ice, unpleasant, pungent, rimed, crisp, frosted, algid, icicle, icy, nipping, alert, authoritarian, imperial, unsympathetic, frore, rimy, laconic, distant, strait-laced, kinky, frizzy, brittle, hostile, asocial, dry, obdurate, chill, churlish, grim, coldish, nappy, inflexible, jaunty, bleak, merry, aloof, nippy, cool, ice-like, attitude, snappish, antisocial, boreal.

emotional, scorching, torrid, warming, flushed, boon, fervid, neighborly, feverish, glowing, outgoing, demonstrative, overheated, fiery, affable, expansive, igneous, sympathetic, hearty, companionable, red-hot, gregarious, reheated, amiable, convivial, warmed, congenial, equatorial, broiling, white-hot, roasting, extroverted, clubby, kindhearted, molten, garrulous, compassionate, agreeable, kind, communicative, tropical, burning, steamy, genial, enthusiastic, warm, scalding, warm-blooded, searing, muggy, canicular, eager, seething, clubbable, summery, ultrahot, gracious, hospitable, social, tepid, lukewarm, inflamed, talkative, ardent, expressive, passionate, toasty, sultry, heated, kindly, hot, boiling, happy, blazing, folksy, friendly, sizzling, sociable, cordial, warmhearted, sweltering, fervent, snug.

Examples of usage:

1) After a silence of several days they suddenly descended with a piercing shout which cut the frosty stillness. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Even in the depth of winter, on clear white frosty moonlight nights, there are those who motor down to see the Land's End by moonlight, but usually the " trip" element occupies a very small part of the day and of the year; and for the greater part of the time the place is strangely solitary. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.

3) It was bitterly cold, and a volume of smoke was curling up into the frosty air from the miserable stove- pipe sticking out through the roof. - "If Any Man Sin", H. A. Cody.