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Spell check of quality

Correct spelling: quality

mean, peachy keen, class, difference, great, layout, frontline, choice, look, calibre, elite, smell, flavour, gauge, whole step, primo, specialty, timbre, arrangement, fiber, character reference, A1, grapheme, tincture, pure tone, graphic symbol, prime, cachet, wizard, idiosyncrasy, mode, mark, caliber, top-of-the-line, tip-top, superb, aristocracy, marvelous, A-one, sterling, superior, A-OK, worth, woodland, character, case, hot, be, beautiful, awesome, fab, heavenly, top-notch, brave, rank, standing, cool, persona, step, post, grand, tophole, endowment, crackerjack, situation, spot, hallmark, boffo, status, role, jim-dandy, fabulous, quirk, trait, tonus, note, top-flight, wonderful, circumstance, neat, forte, blue-ribbon, five-star, upper crust, top, gentry, numero uno, ambience, splendid, gangbusters, bully, nifty, value, banner, supernal, capital, swell, individuality, location, classic, fantabulous, radical, keynote, scale, over, figure, kind, bang-up, reference, extent, attribute, stage, point, grade, society, modality, bonny, gone, number one, topflight, mannerism, condition, tint, corking, first-class, lumber, savor, down, prizewinning, definiteness, ace, scene, timber, unsurpassed, level, topnotch, excellent, station, tiptop, state, group, particularity, blue-chip, righteous, prize, specialization, degree, feature, noble, musical note, groovy, lineament, good, style, measure, refinement, nature, magnitude, excellence, nobility, tone, potential, sensational, virtue, feeling, champion, stamp, bore, hype, stellar, keen, gilt-edged, brag, disposition, blue blood, way, upper-class, dynamite, boss, whole tone, select, tone of voice, shade, fine, fantastic, tonicity, feel, first-string, variety, repute, placement, high-class, top-shelf, slick, terrific, fictional character, first-rate, range, dandy, peculiarity, merit, formation, property, lovely, divine, phat, stature, type, immense, gentility, environment, aspect, cracking, eccentric, four-star, fibre, flower, topping, famous, timberland, flavor, forest, superlative, place, notch, par excellence, out-of-sight, spirit, site, patriciate, theatrical role, fictitious character, intensity, peachy, essence, bumper, part, characteristic, configuration, position, amplitude.

second-class, pathetic, middle-class, wretched, nature, awful, low-grade, terrible, mediocre, execrable, unsatisfactory, lousy, rotten, substandard, substance, essence, second-rate, lower-class, inferior, poor, low-class, being, vile, atrocious, middling, bad.

Examples of usage:

1) They were poor, but were people of quality. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Naples probably not so many, but of much better quality. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

3) She remembered that her husband had liked the man, and there was no doubt that the goods he supplied were of excellent quality. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.