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Spell check of report

Correct spelling: report

root, speaking, handle, information, comment, plow, dish, advertise, dispatch, comprehend, written report, clack, character, compensate, headline-grabbing, thump, key, wire, typography, promulgate, promulgation, chalkboard, deal, serial, news, notice, periodical, summary, reputation, break, current affairs, verse, account, diary, get across, reach, paper, datum, incubate, interpret, carry, script, declare, radical, tale, overcompensate, clamour, findings, relay, tarradiddle, work, translate, penning, index, note, dialect, telegram, mark, business relationship, print, answer for, book, gossip, say, denounce, vocalization, piece, narrative, announcement, chattering, compose, describe, rap, subject area, oration, condense, draw in, dissemination, musical theme, state, calculate, rephrase, recitation, rat-a-tat-tat, slap, sketch, picture, bailiwick, accounting, boom, track, underwrite, subject, appear, floor, address, score, decipher, chitchat, noise, exposure, newspaper publisher, put out, chronology, burst, play book, smash, babbling, commercial, bill, get down, key out, annotate, taradiddle, charter, handbill, recounting, cogitation, summarize, all-nighter, debate, give out, frame, snap, classwork, notify, exercise book, retelling, hearsay, confession, idea, blare, pronouncement, company report, exclusive, insert, spread over, journalism, proclaim, buzz, dialog, advertisement, bump, prattle, overlay, newsworthy, tattle, continue, treatise, article, newspaper, deliver, epistle, wrap up, storey, tome, frame-up, anecdote, fame, field of study, organ, locution, write, speech, circulate, remark, arrive, depict, explanation, bark, identify, list, cacophony, whack, explain, line, constitution, document, data, melodic theme, smack, write up, scuttlebutt, blue book, communique, enshroud, respect, paraphrase, thwack, discipline, table, spoken word, tract, dictation, bang, cover up, composition, knock, flash, enter, trace, monograph, log, breed, magazine, give notice, piece of music, announce, blackboard, elucidate, proclamation, memoir, get over, opinion, musical composition, word, whomp, post, publish, insure, catalog, commentary, digest, crepitation, leaflet, detail, rep, study, promote, circular, make known, confidentiality agreement, makeup, level, elocution, folio, retell, characterization, promotion, chat, hide, exposition, communicate, theme, land, enunciate, A to Z, treat, volume, novel, profile, flap, oral communication, patter, cross, name, divulge, render, journalize, circumlocution, motif, narrate, fib, report card, make-up, portrayal, recount, draw, concept statement, portrait, chapter, dog, odor, newscast, transcribe, narration, discover, allocution, detonation, whump, gazette, history, point out, clap, compendium, newsletter, annual report, dossier, extend, jabbering, statement, newsroom, topic, tap, version, textbook, writing, broadcast, crib, explosion, recital, discussion, libretto, front-page, communication, story, cut through, propagandize, thunderclap, brood, outline, run, set down, record, composing, denunciation, fact, gossipry, embrace, get, pass over, subject field, manual, hatch, splash, delineate, essay, propound, survey, review, crash, click, reveal, description, account statement, words, booklet, tell, talk, slam, field, talebearing, decode, newsmagazine, cable, invoice, chronicle, distinguish, authorship, propaganda, base, brochure, finger, rumor, pop, cut across, serialize, clamor, voice, eraser, analyze, consent form, get in, portray, fink, root word, certificate, copy down, opus, traverse, come in, blast, restate, telling, journal, news report, bulletin, shroud, pamphlet, brief, repute, encompass, message, stem, tittle-tattle, talking, handbook, release, depiction, shot, herald, cover, advise, publication, beep.

dishonor, shame, discredit, conceal, disgrace, suppress, cover, disrepute, odium, obloquy, hide, reproach, bury, opprobrium, withhold, secrete, ignominy, infamy, hush, keep back.

Examples of usage:

1) " Make your report, sir, and I'll make the tea," said Repton, as he proceeded to that office. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I replied that I was busy preparing my report. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) That way we don't have to report anything to anybody. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.