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Spell check of expose

Correct spelling: expose

communicate, divest, bring on, go, unearth, see, smoke out, fracture, jeopardize, dig up, cheesecake, sport, damp, lay out, distinguish, disclose, uncover, develop, give way, spoil, count against, ambuscade, manifest, bust, erupt, reveal, stigmatize, display, protection, inhibit, classified ad, undress, disgrace, lie in wait, advice column, unsheathe, present, baffle, prove, get word, scotch, describe, lecture, artwork, frustrate, fail, rat, peel, unbosom, utter, uncork, centerfold, humiliate, wear, disadvantage, coach, open, unveil, lay open, strip, get out, break out, key out, elicit, unclothe, instruct, indicate, ridicule, burden, proclaim, peril, snap off, soften, interrupt, pick up, shame, cross, show, widen, scandalize, observe, find out, stag, wear out, identify, breakthrough, undo, strut, unclad, fall upon, mock, tell on, weaken, conk out, flourish, ascertain, part, transgress, give out, attain, bushwhack, chance upon, banner headline, grass, threaten, illustration, flash, break away, unmasking, descry, demo, bankrupt, come out, light upon, train, exhibit, show up, unravel, focus, kick downstairs, initiate, announcement, issue, break off, smash, foil, realize, parade, let loose, introduce, teach, hold back, fathom, shed, split, solve, betray, plague, divulge, capture, photograph, menace, demonstrate, embarrass, recrudesce, unmask, educe, publish, get wind, untie, get around, fix, air, ground, offend, break-dance, strike, happen upon, better, come apart, illustrate, snitch, founder, tell, release, blow up, burst, spill, compose, pap, let out, unfold, subject, indication, impart, learn, discomfit, unroll, break, lurk, disport, unwrap, collapse, go bad, come upon, infract, demote, notice, brandish, march, dampen, break down, throttle, ostracize, flaunt, put out, scupper, bump, unlock, demonstration, throw back, key, educate, spread, give, ruin, waylay, disrobe, tutor, bring out, detect, stop, break up, put on, denounce, bring up against, cave in, disinter, byline, convince, presentation, pillory, violate, cartoon, set off, separate, disseminate, unplug, make known, give away, lay bare, article, evince, evidence, broadcast, announce, let on, intermit, declare, find, recognize, invent, dishonor, come across, name, relegate, breach, endanger, imperil, produce, shop, debunk, pause, emit, break in, bilk, induct, denude, nail, unseal, die, unriddle, ferret out, let down, determine, manifestation, bare, chance on, blab, jeopardise, malign, ambush, bespeak, fall apart, discover, thwart, hear, check, uncloak, discern, split up, go against, discontinue, show off, strip away, vilify, get a line, fall in.

counterfeit, hide, gild, camouflage, bedim, garble, overshadow, occlude, darken, twist, mask, cloud, curtain, falsify, overcast, conceal, befog, cloak, disguise, obscure, whitewash, enshroud, gloss, becloud, shroud, eclipse, varnish, misrepresent, shade, belie, cover, secrete, veil, occult, distort.

Examples of usage:

1) Not caring to expose himself to the risk of being seen by the men when they returned, Jack now crept back to the other side of the rock and began to descend carefully, Percival being at length able to help him. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

2) She did not dare expose her burnt arm; she could not possibly wear a blouse with sleeves that reached only to the elbow without showing the great burn she had received. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) He should in fact expose them and show their evil influence. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.