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Spell check of flap

Correct spelling: flap

exhaust, buzz, slap, beckon, hoo-hah, tremble, rock, thrum, disorder, jolt, stray, joggle, lobe, boom, arm, protrusion, brandish, range, dart, sway, muddle, crush, trounce, agonize, flurry, riffle, puzzle, bay, roll up, scramble, curl, wing, beat out, twine, report, hassle, dither, shell, close, cockle, fret, AWACS, bicker, swan, drum, delirium, beat, lunge, oscillate, deliriousness, turbulence, bother, swing, tucker, shiver, disturbance, squabble, nonplus, clack, background noise, snap, dive, vibrate, quake, avionics, disarray, flicker, ruffle, cover, pendant, worry, quiver, limb, altimeter, jounce, point, agitate, ridge, wheel, wrap, vanquish, flourish, mayhem, pettifoggery, stir, bunk, lappet, bend, ripple, stretch, work over, drift, roll out, pound, waggle, tippet, turn over, wander, wind, wave, strip, turmoil, cast, spat, jump, bang, ado, flick, bounce, rap, rigamarole, crackling, fly, whack, flummox, thrill, roam, jar, fluttering, outfox, aft, rampage, wobble, wash up, adjunct, fluctuate, reach out, furor, accessory, ply, flaps, stupefy, repetition, hanging, seethe, airfoil, hum, order, perplex, fear, thump, ticktock, rush, tap, sail, kick, lapel, skirt, move, amaze, black box, bickering, flapping, tumult, kerfuffle, queue, drone, tail, start, dumbfound, trouble, rage, tag, fuss, disruption, clangor, pendulosity, crash, beat up, pose, panic, pother, drop, roll, ballast, hoo-ha, aerofoil, tiff, protuberance, projection, uproar, chaos, din, appendage, vex, circumvent, fury, calm, clap, flop, baffle, bewilder, thwack, vagabond, circus, undulate, overlap, aileron, waver, hurly burly, agitation, spread, to-do, extend, totter, feverishness, stick, outwit, tucker out, rove, knock, revolve, flitter, open, tick, flutter, hysteria, helter-skelter, tizzy, crepitation, reel, twitch, smack, grumble, slam, maelstrom, overreach, hustle, gravel, flit, quaver, three-ring circus, outsmart, pulsate, dread, bump, get, ramble, fever, mystify, ticktack, distraction, shudder, shake, click, commotion, pluck, apron, furore, snout, overhang, tab, burst, farce, bustle.

peacefulness, restfulness, quietude, repose, tranquilness, peace, placidity, stillness, sereneness, quiet, still, calm, calmness, serenity, tranquillity.

Examples of usage:

1) It is not customary to have the monogram on the flap of the envelope. - "The Book of Good Manners", W. C. Green.

2) It is not usual to stamp the crest on the flap of the envelope. - "The Book of Good Manners", W. C. Green.

3) Let the child place his finger against the flap of one ear while the other is being tested. - "Civics and Health", William H. Allen.