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Spell check of dog

Correct spelling: dog

boarhound, rubbish, mark, reptile, wallaby, endeavor, scumbag, follow around, hamster, caribou, stag, rotter, cheetah, bull terrier, yak, squirrel, bigmouth, Dalmatian, andiron, plague, schmuck, trail, sheep dog, give chase, pass over, aspire, French poodle, difficulty, mongoose, Doberman pinscher, Samoyed, pursue, creep, rebuke, detent, click, boar, Irish setter, bounder, elephant, varmint, shack, polecat, aim, foxhound, hound dog, cocker spaniel, sleazebag, bloodhound, sheep, cretin, puppy, ermine, hang back, toy poodle, chow, disadvantage, traverse, quest after, furrow, Borzoi, moose, pup, ox, schnauzer, jaguar, cat, beast, stinkard, so-and-so, husky, burro, pooch, reject, Welsh terrier, hound, Great Dane, inhibit, fink, bison, Chihuahua, cross, mink, reproach, individual, Pekinese, clown, firedog, hippopotamus, mouse, greyhound, cutlet, hunt, wolf, tag, ferret, chuff, sloth, rascal, tyke, drop behind, marmot, computer-aided design, label, cut across, stray, bugger, St. Bernard, doggy, domestic dog, rabbit, coyote, intend, cavy, cover, get across, denigrate, stinker, camelopard, know-all, kangaroo, brisket, bleeder, bear, mouse click, jackal, chase after, lynx, shrew, leaper, whippet, bird-dog, Fido, platypus, boxer, raccoon, weasel, bull, hyena, reprimand, beaver, setter, koala, tail, pug, billy goat, bring up against, whelp, dirtbag, lout, lion, pawl, precede, search, collie, terrier, dog-iron, ugly duckling, count against, porcupine, dag, cut, dromedary, arctic fox, sleazeball, rhinoceros, panda, undertake, sight, hare, wolfhound, blackguard, hog, ibex, get over, loudmouth, alpaca, frankfurter, alpha male, stoat, strive, German shepherd, opossum, llama, chase, beefsteak, track, boor, swine, antelope, product, embarrass, possum, leopard, giraffe, red hot, joker, golden retriever, skunk, hold back, suction stop, deride, buffalo, sable, beagle, spitz, horror, zebra, poodle, grass, scuzzball, cow, puma, Rover, rat fink, chinchilla, nark, sod, elk, put down, Irish wolfhound, wiener, English setter, dachshund, Yorkshire terrier, bob, camel, troll, pill, heel, criticize, dock, buzzard, throttle, drop back, follow, mule, sleaze, boy, vermin, Pomeranian, Aberdeen terrier, Labrador retriever, harry, rat, go after, deer, chipmunk, mole, trouble, chop, dogiron, gnu, slob, blame, ocelot, pig, get behind, quest for, public enemy number one, pointer, gazelle, frump, echidna, otter, trash, snitch, burden, bad luck, character, tiger, hag, crumb, chump, gopher, horse, canine, drag, toad, parody, corn dog, Jekyll and Hyde, chuck, informer, original, Airedale, goat, poverty, hot dog, basset hound, minger, stick to, mongrel, reindeer, scum, bobcat, frank, spaniel, sneak, lemming, blighter, retriever, mastiff, wienerwurst, hotdog, Canis Familiaris, sleuth, seek, yob, Cairn terrier, quest, wombat, stalk, churl, bullock, shadow, scamp, clink, chuck steak, train, Scotch terrier, dingo, variety, louse, crud, chamfer, cad, fox, buck, griffon, cur, let down, informant, grotesque, bulldog, panther, cut through, species, Afghan, snake, remonstrate, public nuisance, hedgehog, nerd, donkey, dross, stool pigeon, cougar, Siberian wolfhound, cockerel, mixture, type.

hero, lady, heroine, gentleman, saint, role model, angel, idol.

Examples of usage:

1) Be quiet, old dog! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) It was all the approval we ever got from the family, but he was a knowing dog. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) That must be an awfully big dog. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.