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Spell check of reckon

Correct spelling: reckon

cerebrate, insure, control, conceive of, go steady, go out, play, call, ascertain, study, infer, solve, bode, see, encounter, front, find out, image, conclude, sound off, quantify, hypothecate, depend, visit, perspective, run into, suppose, theorise, esteem, deliberate, rely, speak out, set, hold, number, hypothesise, face, enter, prove, prognosticate, cypher, lick, project, work, seem, animadvert, speak up, foretell, value, hypothesize, code, aim, see to it, cogitate, predict, adhere to, sum, consider, schedule, go through, learn, cast, visualize, date, posit, meet, venture, await, hear, remember, believe in, reason, believe, presuppose, deem, involve, figure out, systematize, realise, plot, ensure, imagine, postulate, attend, presume, assume, approximate, allow, regard, put, quantize, rationalize, opine, tally, call up, recollect, omen, compute, total, Midland, catch, program, retrieve, count on, ideate, weigh, escort, forecast, theorize, add up, assure, cipher, deal, divide, construe, find, lean, take care, belief, moot, exercise, check, surmise, get word, take, work up, appear, pick up, appraise, portend, recognize, mean, estimate, betoken, come across, scheme, fancy, look, intend, rank, discover, get wind, judge, wait, write in code, gauge, score, visualise, presage, affect, experience, determine, matter, call back, run across, auspicate, set down, interpret, rate, conjecture, envision, puzzle out, guess, look at, make, add, realize, prefigure, work out, witness, watch, assess, examine, evaluate, sum up, plan, search, hazard, think, triangulate, conceive, picture, inscribe, calculate, multiply, bet, suspect, deduce, get a line, figure, place, feel, incline, numerate, view, enumerate, debate, count, trust, encipher, premise, pretend, precise, turn over, recall, augur, envisage, speculate, account, encrypt, measure, direct, expect, wager, foreshadow, elaborate, say, tell, understand, take in.

doubt, reject, mistrust, question, distrust, calibrate, measure, scale, disbelieve, work out, suspect, compute, discredit.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, I packed you over here, and I reckon I better pack you back again- if you won't try to walk. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) No, I reckon not. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) I don't reckon this is the first time he's done it. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.