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Spell check of assess

Correct spelling: assess

compute, count, scheme, rate, divide, arbitrate, decide, tax, reckon, rule, prise, guess, total, add, measure out, surmise, referee, sentence, assay, consider, pass judgment, estimate, appreciate, approximate, suppose, treasure, judge, infer, respect, set, quantify, measure, guesstimate, multiply, rank, size up, presume, lay, determine, tally, conclude, task, find, gauge, study, value, adjudicate, esteem, systematize, think, plot, prize, deduce, fine, survey, schedule, program, appraise, put, pronounce, resolve, evaluate, levy, plan, obligation, mediate, calculate, weigh, impose, quantize, over, figure, willing, enumerate, valuate, sum, score, exact, charge, rationalize, mensurate, account.

forgive, lessen, gloze, ignore, excuse, abate, gloss, pardon, diminish, remit, release, condone, disregard.

Examples of usage:

1) Not only is this voluminous book a brilliantly written commentary on the opening months of the war, it is also infused with an inner sadness that could well be considered a precursor to the post- war " lost generation" myth, which is yet another indicator at how well Gibbs could gage the feel of the times and assess its impact on future developments in society. - "The Soul of the War", Philip Gibbs.

2) If questioned they might, in the majority of cases, say that they believed in a future life, and also that they found it a source of strength, but it would need little reflection to assess the reply at its true value. - "A Grammar of Freethought", Chapman Cohen.

3) It is not by reference to date or country, or grade of material progress, that we assess the value of moral judgments, but by that subjective standard with which our own moral attainments supply us in regard to all that is equal or less, similar or dissimilar. - "The Faith of the Millions (2nd series)", George Tyrrell.