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Spell check of pure

Correct spelling: pure

primary, accessible, clear, straight, fastidious, plain, gauzy, virginal, ethical, sensitive, philosophical, immaculate, united, basal, ascetic, uncomplicated, completely, lone, essential, damned, polished, mixed, unlimited, worthy, undefiled, tidy, aesthetic, heroic, straight-out, unmitigated, guiltless, melodious, artistic, righteous, uncluttered, unmarried, moral, beautiful, limited, well-preserved, arrant, spick-and-span, upstanding, untainted, native, unblemished, undiluted, unimpeachable, decent, unadorned, total, abstract, law-abiding, educational, vestal, curricular, unmingled, unblended, vivid, sterile, candid, unadulterated, neat, stainless, mellow, nascent, purified, single, integrated, consummate, elementary, pristine, smooth, unimpaired, exquisite, right-minded, clarified, G-rated, virtuous, avant-garde, sanitary, white, monastic, solitary, stone, direct, particular, whole, uniform, thoroughgoing, thorough, comminuted, true, fine, artless, theoretical, sinless, sheer, complete, unsoiled, respectable, big, unbroken, profound, cohesive, monkish, high-minded, lucid, noble, fresh, saintly, perfect, tentative, proper, delicate, homogeneous, good, austere, didactic, axenic, crashing, handsome, diachronic, foundational, thin, coherent, all-out, pellucid, staring, unstained, continent, limpid, bare, camp, indivisible, innocent, angelic, dead, sterilized, honest, tenuous, transparent, a, dirty, subtle, taintless, unsophisticated, crystalline, old maid, integral, clean, intact, advanced, excellent, dreadful, minute, unbounded, bright, solid, blooming, harmonious, fair, uncorrupted, flat, unpolluted, purebred, real, strong, entire, congruous, downright, unified, restraint, estimable, abstemious, blank, plumb, sublimate, celibate, irreducible, cotton-picking, formative, valorous, elegant, rich, artsy-craftsy, undivided, slight, unspotted, undamaged, graduate, utter, bodacious, absolute, simon-pure, unqualified, bachelor, right, honorable, definite, unalloyed, splendid, formal, campy, unwed, atomic, subtile, modest, keen, unrelieved, childlike, correct, nice, hygienic, spare, Midland, sharp, positive, untarnished, asexual, holistic, abstinent, unplowed, unsullied, maiden, creditable, unclouded, bald, concentrated, melodic, altogether, flat-out, spinsterish, congruent, lily-white, tuneful, primal, light, basic, stark, forthright, sweet, literally, refined, mellifluous, saturated, principled, soft, perfectly, spotless, very, unconditional, gross, rank, uncontaminated, out-and-out, unproved, applied, especially, chaste, lilting, baroque, aboriginal, musical, classic, blameless, irreproachable, regular, sodding, alone, double-dyed, academic, categorical, coincident, prime, fundamental, faultless, unequivocal, unmixed, everlasting, outright, intense, impeccable, terse, simple, f., deadly, angelical, full-strength, dainty, elemental, orderly, small, unreserved, just, slender, monolithic, genuine, same.

soiled, muddied, iniquitous, adulterate, merged, improper, contaminated, perverted, unchaste, tainted, joined, degenerate, rude, diluted, uncertain, blended, bastardised, virtueless, heavy, spotted, lewd, bastardized, alloyed, filthy, doubtful, cheapened, condemned, mitigated, smutty, impure, befouled, oversexed, dissolute, debauched, lickerish, spoiled, lecherous, big, indecorous, indecent, incorporated, united, dingy, wicked, mingled, intermingled, maculate, tacky, large, sinning, lascivious, intermixed, corrupted, equivocal, inharmonious, polluted, amalgamated, crude, erring, sullied, damned, reprobate, lost, besmirched, vulgar, applied, great, linked, mixed, adulterated, ribald, libidinous, muddy, tarnished, coarse, combined, huge, obscene, tasteless, thick, lustful, sinful, clumsy, immodest, unpurified, conjoined, unharmonious, stout, fouled, immense, fused, blemished, immoral, fallen, blunt, unclean, compounded, defiled, restricted, qualified, indelicate, debased, stained, unrighteous, depraved, unrefined, dirty, commingled, unseemly, unsaturated, coalesced, watered-down, corrupt, doctored, dubious, evil, questionable, peccant.

Examples of usage:

1) Naturally, the fathers thought it a pure case of nerves. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) The rush of this body of water always in front of it keeps the air in the passage always pure. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) But one little bit he found which was pure gold; and that he kept, you see, always. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.