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Spell check of classic

Correct spelling: classic

holy, grand, established, marvelous, bumper, jim-dandy, keen, top-flight, blue-chip, textbook, A-OK, brag, ideal, divine, bully, anecdote, tremendous, top-shelf, incredible, hype, heavenly, prototypic, model, uncorrupted, top, true, crackerjack, important, aesthetic, detective, cool, wonder, essential, swell, noteworthy, individual, tasteful, boffo, abridged, cultivated, prime, dynamite, gangbusters, fictional, bonny, identifying, authorized, discriminating, comedy, usual, blue-ribbon, peachy keen, fab, all-star, high-class, typic, black comedy, biographical, fantastic, representative, superb, slick, fine, prizewinning, peachy, characteristic, classical, terrific, bang-up, mean, exemplary, modernistic, space-age, out-of-sight, diagnostic, elegant, mere, stellar, choice, symptomatic, customary, unmixed, unspotted, unmingled, canonical, sterling, fantabulous, famous, ace, immaculate, charming, exquisite, corking, phat, top-notch, peculiar, excellent, enduring, artistic, cock-and-bull story, superlative, modern, standard, lovely, timeless, masterpiece, brave, tip-top, archetypic, beautiful, typical, A-1, distinguishing, distinctive, paradigmatic, unblemished, unsurpassed, well-known, wizard, A plus, innocent, unadulterated, unsullied, simple, archetypical, state-of-the-art, time-honored, stainless, A1, above par, immortal, wonderful, proper, sensational, delicate, determinate, sheer, superior, frontline, prototypal, imitable, genuine, gilt-edged, banner, untarnished, noble, spotless, phenomenon, dandy, archetypal, miracle, marvel, allegory, continent, unstained, prototypical, down, neat, gone, exceptional, clean, definitive, hip, paramount, refined, primo, fabulous, same, undefiled, unequivocal, nifty, five-star, hot, splendid, capital, virtuous, par excellence, select, filmic, radical, incorrupt, authorised, fictitious, guileless, decent, first-string, righteous, quality, boss, magisterial, distinct, contemporary, authoritative, drama, absolute, graceful, autobiographical, quintessential, four-star, numero uno, number one, good, unpolluted, topping, inspiration, top-of-the-line, adaptation, immense, distinguished, great, prize, cracking, perfect, ageless, first-rate, thoroughbred, chaste, untainted, clear, ranking, real, first-class, advanced, awesome, pure, the sublime, epic, gory, traditional, up-to-the-minute, upright, vintage, guiltless, futuristic, dream, supernal, groovy, folklore.

foul, pathetic, indecent, average, representative, bad, second-rate, adulterated, nonstandard, typical, ordinary, lewd, low-grade, poor, filthy, vile, mediocre, untypical, sullied, defiled, inadequate, rotten, gross, unclean, unsatisfactory, polluted, failed, impure, indelicate, disappointing, terrible, substandard, nonclassical, atypical, tainted, atrocious, lousy, uncharacteristic, mixed, normal, obscene, execrable, wretched, awful, second-class, middling, unchaste, deficient, dirty, tarnished, inferior, stained, immodest.

Examples of usage:

1) An Elizabethan scholar, indeed, might have hesitated if asked which was the more important, the Greek or Latin classic or the theological treatise. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

2) Criticism, however, was ready to concern itself with the translation of any classic, ancient or modern. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) The selfish instincts are not subdued by the sight of buttercups, nor is integrity in the least established by that classic rural occupation, sheep- washing. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.