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Spell check of fair

Correct spelling: fair

straw, roseate, commonplace, sheer, stall, fundraising, fair-and-square, delightful, clement, sufficient, viewing, forthright, polished, unprejudiced, pleasure ground, clean-living, goodly, rosy, bodacious, faded, graceful, alabaster, modal, righteous, mild, medium, grocery, honest, equal, sporting, spick-and-span, impartial, white, good-looking, shop, moral, benevolent, breathtaking, exhibit, deserved, emporium, satisfactory, warehouse, scrupulous, exhibition, objective, even, second-class, mart, unclouded, suboptimal, chalky, honorable, straightforward, downright, lawful, unconditional, exposition, all right, benign, enormous, optimistic, independent, blameless, fairish, fresh, law-abiding, Coney Island, flaxen, propitious, adequate, antimonopoly, taking, sincere, tawny, antitrust, establishment, run-of-the-mill, theme park, roadshow, courteous, competent, straight-out, fair-haired, legible, very, irreproachable, passably, rightful, bonnie, market, county fair, fine, pulchritudinous, some, bewitching, sublime, flat, middling, jolly, out-and-out, unimpeachable, auspicious, stone, condign, knockout, bake sale, dependable, favorable, right, simple, large, blonde, stormy, open, sallow, without favoring one party, pure, poor, store, belle, sightly, show, moderately, just, all-out, stock exchange, regular, glorious, elegant, somewhat, untarnished, attractive, indifferent, exquisite, disinterested, around, carnival, clear, milky, unbiassed, pallid, flowerlike, private showing, fortunate, plain, reasonably, unstained, eye-filling, equitable, sane, refined, square, stainless, unjust, conservative, seemly, pretty, sportsmanly, true, light, cotton-picking, rose-colored, neat, unqualified, ethical, complete, placid, unfair, reliable, heartening, threatening, intermediate, upstanding, equable, finished, huge, picturesque, plumb, noble, brunet, high, frank, median, disappointing, unalloyed, acceptable, drop-dead, meet, counter, deadly, ordinary, appropriate, high-minded, golden, exchange, total, justified, aboveboard, dark, good, ornamental, utter, fundraiser, uninfected, categorical, sportsmanlike, uncorrupted, considerable, bright, run-of-the-mine, flag day, feminine, likely, same, respectable, angelical, decorous, blank, extensive, charming, arrant, brilliant, spotless, substantial, silvery, pearly, unbiased, snowy, thorough, quaint, goodish, bazar, dazzling, flat-out, consummate, dead, aesthetic, well-favored, big, blond, stunning, Disneyland, gorgeous, estimable, sandy, about, undistinguished, mean, accepted, fairground, due, correct, candid, upright, comme il faut, unmitigated, cute, detached, creditable, straight, comely, reasonable, encouraging, inferior, still, right-minded, chain, limited, widely, pleasant, promising, market place, definite, average, outright, lovely, supermarket, amusement park, splendid, thoroughgoing, worthy, in-bounds, tranquil, perfect, antiseptic, light-haired, blooming, temperate, coloured, pleasing, funfair, tolerable, enchanting, colorless, nonpartisan, lily-white, expo, usual, unsoiled, superb, inadequate, sensible, office, windless, perhaps, ravishing, convenience store, moderate, sunshiny, substandard, pale, rank, brunette, uncontaminating, benefit, immaculate, decent, angelic, mediocre, generous, sterling, colored, merited, warranted, fairly, passable, bazaar, legitimate, beautiful, auburn, balanced, towheaded, upbeat, glamorous, what, fit, dreadful, plum, bonny, common, peaches-and-cream, luck, shapely, sporty, ivory, fair-minded, clean, chaste, unobjectionable, maybe, becoming, civil, radiant, beauteous, virtuous, evenhanded, stark, tidy, evenhandedly, sunny, pristine, depot, trade show, bureau, squeaky-clean, profound, unsullied, calm, speculative, lovesome, neutral, legal, unsatisfactory, natural, even-handed, damned, great, fetching, saintly, so-so, excellent, second-rate, proper, handsome, resplendent, dispassionate, unadulterated, principled, crashing, Midland, trustworthy, balmy, cloudless, colors, circus, OK, bingo, department store.

gray, fabulous, frumpy, cloudy, brown, awkward, unreasonable, unappetizing, doubtful, number one, grim, splendid, hideous, unlovely, immoderate, first-rate, superlative, breezy, distinguished, biased, unequal, indefensible, objectionable, optimum, uncleaned, prime, maximum, sunless, despotic, unaesthetic, foul, brunette, ill-favored, filthy, odious, abhorrent, first-class, dirty, unfriendly, unpromising, nasty, overcast, brunet, superb, olive, downbeat, unacceptable, unsuitable, masculine, deceptive, improper, restricted, irrelative, inclement, inapt, wanting, optimal, homely, illegitimate, nauseating, blackened, nifty, mucky, rainy, immoral, harsh, repulsive, bad, shocking, uncouth, hopeless, plain, offensive, cheating, colored, germy, grubby, gloomy, unpleasing, extraordinary, unsporting, inadequate, undeserved, unjust, prejudiced, haggish, defiled, blustering, incoherent, outstanding, qualified, lacking, matchless, unfair, irrelevant, greasy, inequitable, blustery, bearish, inapposite, partial, stormy, muddy, desperate, unethical, horrible, disagreeable, sickening, out-of-bounds, funereal, grimy, unjustifiable, A1, clumsy, disheartening, illegible, preeminent, inauspicious, unattractive, severe, unpretty, unbecoming, ex parte, dismal, stellar, disgusting, raven, wrong, unappealing, unwashed, polluted, besmirched, deceitful, one-sided, raw, sterling, unprincipled, terrific, frightful, inapplicable, loathsome, soupy, great, capital, unsatisfactory, classic, witchy, unencouraging, unclean, top, supreme, dreadful, unfairly, inappropriate, unjustified, tempestuous, below the belt, unbeautiful, partisan, uncertain, unpleasant, ungainly, jaundiced, dreary, Gorgonian, foggy, equivocal, discouraging, tip-top, fantastic, par excellence, sensational, grotesque, comfortless, gusty, murky, undue, warped, tainted, repellent, exquisite, unmatched, choice, pessimistic, grand, revolting, squally, distorted, arbitrary, negative, abominable, repugnant, unfavorable, unlikely, black, miserable, dubious, dingy, dark, black-a-vised, vile, parti pris, unsterile, turbulent, superior, unlawful, unpropitious, unconscionable, unimposing, misty, sullied, unsterilized, discolored, soiled, spotted, unsightly, dishonest, exceptional, nonobjective, uncomely, deformed, insufficient, wretched, marvelous, rough, unsurpassed, bleak, deficient, unparalleled, unsympathetic, fine, unprepossessing, excellent, smirched, unrighteous, ebony, vicious, ugly, ghastly, unhandsome, stained, swart, unscrupulous, unmerited, frumpish, hazy, top-notch, swarthy, unshapely, cheerless, questionable, unwarranted, depressing, swell, peerless, glum, horrid, special, unsportsmanlike, incorrect, grisly, terrible.

Examples of usage:

1) Had He merely become man, and thus become involved in our sufferings, the symbol of the serpent would scarcely have been a fair one. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) It would be as fair to him now as it was then to you. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I'll try to be fair. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.