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Spell check of mastery

Correct spelling: mastery

achievement, shrewdness, finesse, statement, wisdom, control condition, domination, arm, purview, say-so, win, influence, consciousness, program line, adroitness, government, prestige, dictation, intellect, expertness, hegemony, potency, will, profundity, hold, grip, mightiness, privilege, slipperiness, grand slam, clutch, mandate, powerfulness, victory, knowledge, primacy, sagaciousness, sway, bidding, subjection, flair, snakiness, birthright, ascendency, credential, bid, superiority, education, cunning, leadership, ascendancy, dominance, slickness, supremacy, trickiness, technique, might, faculty, ascendance, management, artfulness, oligopoly, knockout, judgment, guile, commission, rank, smoothness, reign, experience, predominance, deftness, force, prepotency, direction, subordination, ingenuity, craftiness, checkmate, punch, law, wiliness, pull, expertise, sharpness, entitlement, prerogative, cogency, pressure, IQ, precedence, rein, perspicuity, seniority, advantage, deviousness, competence, right, facility, capacity, conquest, power, talent, information, motivation, prowess, intelligence, know-how, sovereignty, empowerment, charge, backing, license, proficiency, winning, skill, title, awareness, astuteness, hyponymy, kingship, genius, adeptness, wit, vigor, coordination, restraint, canniness, comprehension, triumph, authority, success, cleverness, death grip, sensitivity, discipline, monopoly, acuity, ingeniousness, stature, command, grasp, capability, energy, lore, ascendence, wariness, subtlety, enfranchisement, knack, familiarity, steam, puissance, sophistication, bias, mastership, controller, instruction, jurisdiction, over, strength, aptitude, dominion, office, art, rule, control, erudition, ability, importance, greatness, foxiness, clout, subdual, acumen, quickness, dexterity, craft, K.O., understanding, sly.

frustration, rout, disaster, destruction, failure, unfamiliarity, disappointment, helplessness, miscarriage, incompetency, ignorance, powerlessness, defeat, overthrow, weakness, retreat, impotence, impotency, illiteracy, incompetence.

Examples of usage:

1) He took both my hands in his, and looked at me with a countenance in which pity, joy, and benevolence were each struggling for the mastery. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

2) The time, however, was approaching when George Eliot was at last to discover where her real mastery lay. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

3) Then, however, as time makes them stronger, comes the fatal moment when they gain the mastery, turn on their former owner and drag him where they will. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.