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Spell check of acumen

Correct spelling: acumen

comprehension, discrimination, erudition, common sense, canniness, careful, percipiency, acuteness, wisdom, insightfulness, guile, mother wit, caginess, awareness, brilliance, perception, intelligence, percipience, cogency, perspicuity, cunning, intellect, sageness, accuracy, eye, reason, vision, perspicacity, hardheadedness, smarts, foxiness, grasp, quickness, clear-sightedness, smartness, perceptiveness, knowledge, sharpness, profundity, nose, cleverness, sagaciousness, know-how, ability, horse sense, sophistication, sagacity, astuteness, understanding, foresightedness, discernment, clarity, sensitivity, keenness, brains, intuition, wit, shrewdness, mastery, acuity, refinement, insight, knowingness, farsightedness, judgment, genius.

dumbness, greenness, foolishness, unworldliness, simplicity, slowness, oafishness, unsophistication, ingenuousness, naiveness, senselessness, naïveté, witlessness, dopiness, simplemindedness, doltishness, fatuity, simpleness, stupidity, obtuseness, guilelessness, bluntness, dulness, brainlessness, artlessness, vacuity, innocence, stupidness, density, mindlessness.

Examples of usage:

1) In the meanwhile, the relations between author and publisher became more and more friendly; the latter's critical acumen and sound judgment being highly esteemed by George Eliot. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) " Nevertheless," wrote Montreuil, the French agent in London, with an acumen revealed by the event, " it is thought that all the advantage which the Archbishop will get from this is to set the Catholics against him without improving his position with the Puritans." - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.

3) Let the gardeners have been endowed with acumen sufficient to detect every symptom of such a tendency, and let their operations have been carried on without interruption to this day,- it is obvious that if roses had resulted, it could only be because among the plants they allowed to remain there existed a rose- making quality of some kind, to which, and not to anything done by human art or skill, the result was due. - "The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer", John Gerard.