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Spell check of foxiness

Correct spelling: foxiness

fraud, fakery, irony, slickness, adroitness, scurrility, sharpness, brilliance, dissembling, shrewdness, resourcefulness, wiliness, intellect, astuteness, chicane, cunningness, trickiness, craft, knowingness, smoothness, deviousness, craftsmanship, facility, clear-sightedness, workmanship, urbanity, artfulness, deception, deceitfulness, deftness, wit, canniness, wile, dissimulation, craftiness, drollness, slipperiness, sly, sneakiness, honest, keenness, humor, means, shenanigan, hardheadedness, caginess, guile, cheating, subtlety, intelligence, scintillation, deceptiveness, double-dealing, guilefulness, subtleness, cunning, cleverness, crookery, chicanery, finesse, trade, inventiveness, dishonesty, art, skill, quickness, crookedness, ingeniousness, sophistry, ingenuity, comedy, wariness, artifice, duplicity, mastery, cozenage, dupery, slyness, trickery.

density, vacuity, trustiness, goodness, solidity, probity, frankness, obtuseness, stupidity, sincerity, slowness, incorruptibility, good faith, stupidness, uprightness, truthfulness, mindlessness, simpleness, honesty, artlessness, simplemindedness, oafishness, ingenuousness, candor, innocence, reliableness, reliability, brainlessness, doltishness, decency, dependability, naiveness, directness, foolishness, unworldliness, dumbness, guilelessness, witlessness, plainspokenness, openness, forthrightness, dopiness, integrity, senselessness, virtuousness, righteousness, trustability, plainness, unsophistication, naïveté, fatuity, simplicity, candidness, greenness, trustworthiness.

Examples of usage:

1) Also, they have a greater variety of flavors, which are more delicate, yet richer, with a pleasanter aroma, seldom so acid, and are always lacking the disagreeable, rancid odor and taste, the " foxiness," of many American varieties. - "Manual of American Grape-Growing", U. P. Hedrick.

2) The fruit is better in quality than that of its parent, having less foxiness and a richer, more delicate flavor. - "Manual of American Grape-Growing", U. P. Hedrick.

3) Berries large, round, purplish- black, firm; skin tender, adherent; flesh green, translucent, juicy, fine- grained, tough with slight foxiness; fair to good. - "Manual of American Grape-Growing", U. P. Hedrick.