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Spell check of artfulness

Correct spelling: artfulness

knack, aptitude, astuteness, intellect, adroitness, artifice, genius, cleverness, eloquence, instinct, scintillation, slipperiness, sophistry, drollness, deviousness, technique, comedy, art, craftsmanship, canniness, subtlety, sneakiness, dexterity, facility, acuity, scurrility, intuition, sly, competence, expertise, talent, masterfulness, foxiness, ability, guile, know-how, foresight, guilefulness, proficiency, urbanity, panache, means, inventiveness, grace, cunning, resourcefulness, brilliance, cunningness, deftness, skill, wariness, artistry, wit, style, trickiness, humor, sharpness, shrewdness, adeptness, ingenuity, skillfulness, subtleness, slyness, craft, experience, expressiveness, smoothness, capability, finesse, ingeniousness, quickness, insight, irony, slickness, caginess, flair, honest, mastery, wiliness, snakiness, craftiness.

inability, ineptness, clumsiness, artlessness, crudeness, maladroitness, awkwardness, inadequacy, ineffectualness, ineffectuality, inadequateness, inefficiency, amateurishness, inefficacy, rudeness, ineptitude, incapacity, incompetence, incapability, ineffectiveness.

Examples of usage:

1) I listened to her with the most breathless attention, and was thunderstruck at the inconceivable artfulness with which she had mixed up truth and falsehood in her charge against my mistress and me. - "The Queen of Hearts", Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009.

2) Sir Edwin had been very useful in his suggestions, for he had had considerable practice in getting what he wanted by artfulness if no straighter mode offered. - "Winding Paths", Gertrude Page.

3) " That's his artfulness," said Mrs. Henshaw. - "Short Cruises", W.W. Jacobs.