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Spell check of union

Correct spelling: union

solidarity, squad, uniting, flock, marrow, string, gang, partnership, fellowship, holism, order, northward, betrothed, synergy, bridal shower, banns, seam, collusion, bunch, unionized, drove, circle, Allied, platoon, outfit, sodality, troth, affiliation, coincidence, brigade, purity, junta, council, connect, attach, party, unionised, confederation, set, trust, antebellum, connectedness, composition, regiment, amount of money, the Berlin Wall, the UAE, colony, club, linking, connection, fraternity, compass north, trades union, secure, entireness, pack, unification, congruity, caucus, nest, coalescence, band, collection, the Axis, body, league, organized, atom, assemble, bachelor party, betrothal, confederacy, troop, the U.K., substance, magnetic north, embodiment, cooperation, jointure, America, composite, bridal, co-action, police, mating, coupling, force, tie-up, coterie, Armistice Day, coalescency, combination, entirety, stew, commonwealth, salad, ring, reciprocation, chapel, unity, the Pacific Rim, the British Isles, join, superstate, clan, division, consolidation, simplicity, Equity, guild, best man, hive, the Balkans, faction, medley, pith, politics, merger, wedlock, aggregation, compound, litter, teamwork, nuptials, concurrence, meat, association, climax, team, fix, cohesiveness, connecting, Benedict Arnold, school, sorority, sum of money, amalgamation, the Battle of Britain, completeness, complement, co-operation, sum total, amount, merging, matrimony, bachelorette party, coherence, buggery, fusion, conglutination, federation, essence, yoke, collaboration, Benelux, due north, tie, combining, congruence, colligation, bloc, cadre, the CBI, adherence, bridal party, ACTU, fundamentality, singleness, relationship, conjunction, concord, labor union, north, pool, linkup, support group, total, inwardness, society, the AFL-CIO, core, continuity, company, mob, crowd, articulation, posse, troupe, centre, corps, axis, participation, intactness, encounter, battalion, aggregate, kernel, trade union, indissolubility, hookup, summation, coalition, center, cell, detachment, clip, fleet, ejaculation, executive, panel, group, labor, liaison, attachment, conformity, college, concretion, part, flash mob, marriage ceremony, nitty-gritty, spousal relationship, commission, mix, integration, inseparability, heart, retinue, federal, sum, herd, clique, United States, sexual union, brother, man and wife, brotherhood, relation, S.A., conjugation, omnium-gatherum, pairing, heart and soul, the Bay of Pigs, fasten, married couple, block, closed shop, element, COSATU, synchronism, indivisibility, Auschwitz, overlap, identity, consistency, cabal, legal jointure, bevy, covey, formation, juncture, betrothment, compact, tribe, homogeneity, junction, bonk, Anschluss, combine, marriage, organised, agree, northern, crew, phalanx, wedding, congress, cohesion, cartel, coitus, organization, elopement, closed, espousal, nub, pin, assembly, oneness, army, integrity, assemblage, monopoly, bride, detail, sect, host, staff, totality, assortment, gist, coupler, tandem, wing, sameness, alliance.

dissolution, open, unorganized, division, hostility, antagonism, nonunionised, estrangement, disunion, enmity, detachment, divorce, severance, discord, southern, disaffiliation, secession, unorganised, partition, split, dissociation, schism, nonunion, alienation, parting, disconnection, war, scission, breakup, separation, nonunionized, divorcement.

Examples of usage:

1) In a word, the State must, by the union of all, help each to his full development. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) I thought the English flag was red, with a union Jack in the corner. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) There must be a head in every firm; and the head in the Marriage Firm or Union is the man, as the Bible and nature both plainly teach. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.