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Spell check of connection

Correct spelling: connection

bearing, CPU, amalgamation, data link, connecting, function, circuit card, tie, affixation, relevance, confederacy, insulator, video, discharge, indivisibility, relevancy, network, radio link, community, cooperation, branch, corporation, charge, with, capacitance, wedding, companionship, contact, familiarity, amplifier, connecter, appointment, combining, spark, IC, television, solidarity, correlation, merging, juncture, microphone, attachment, collaboration, DC, meeting, speaker, voltage, cohesion, bond, confederation, seam, AC, associate, annexation, affiliation, link, frequency, near, induction, relation, intermediary, memory, connexion, congruity, suggestion, linkage, kilohertz, FM, conformity, splice, resistance, impedance, juice, electronics, situation, electricity, conductor, synergy, about, tweeter, tie-in, megahertz, analogy, join, society, juxtaposition, monitor, source, watt, berth, place, connectedness, direct current, association, radar, hookup, alternating current, volt, connect, inseparability, fastening, friendship, marriage, linking, coherence, interconnection, messenger, go-between, transistor, cohesiveness, polarity, conjunctive, connotation, merger, pertinence, capacitor, adjacency, consolidation, affinity, suggest, kinship, jointure, ohm, receiver, partnership, shock, adherence, nexus, connector, club, integrity, materiality, post, relationship, electrostatic, transmitter, billet, liaison, lodge, current, inter-group communication, diode, unity, agent, joining, capacity, position, combination, circuit, federation, integration, electrode, tube, interdependence, magnetism, connective, interrelationship, company, continuity, coupling, conjunction, participation, together with, applicability, radio, positive, wattage, computer, dependency, electromagnetism, alliance, reciprocity, CRT, union, fellowship, continuative, processor, cycle, negative, resistor, tie-up, consistency, junction, unification, border, fraternity, linkup.

detachment, uselessness, solitude, divorce, schism, insignificance, disunion, incongruity, scission, pointlessness, rift, fissure, division, separation, unsuitability, unconnectedness, inappropriateness, parting, extraneousness, alienation, meaninglessness, incongruence, gap, cleft, inapplicability, irrelevancy, irrelevance, avocation, disconnection, crevice, disaffiliation, inaptness, disconnectedness, dissociation, unfitness, disjunction, estrangement, variance, infelicity, incongruousness, dissolution, disintegration, inappositeness, joblessness, variability, isolation, severance, independence, unemployment, incompatibility, disjuncture, partition, breakup, divorcement, split.

Examples of usage:

1) This observation is not accurate and gives only results of use in connection with other calculations. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) We will have to stay here for a time until I can get in connection with the outside world. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) " I know more about your business, through my connection with the bank, than you do yourself," he commented. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.