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Spell check of atom

Correct spelling: atom

sample, dribble, fraction, subatomic particle, holism, speck, iota, union, element, blood corpuscle, hint, entirety, sameness, tittle, ingredient, dab, subdivision, intactness, segment, antiparticle, component, singleness, smithereen, morsel, congruity, division, blood cell, instalment, scruple, snip, shred, nugget, flyspeck, particle, dash, homogeneity, atomic number, scrap, taster, cation, chain, grain, coherence, pinpoint, alpha particle, pittance, portion, snippet, bit, atomic energy, mite, constituent, piece, identity, granule, crumb, pinch, touch, a little, congruence, modicum, atomic mass, embodiment, a bit, fleck, purity, part, simplicity, nubbin, trace, atomic weight, unity, jot, section, corpuscle, entireness, whit, anion, member, fragment, indivisibility, coincidence, solidarity, completeness, soupcon, atomic, share, integrity, molecule, cohesion, drop, smidgen, tinge, fundamentality, mote, oneness, patch.

gob, quantity, abundance, deal, stack, mass, peck, pile, wealth, heaps, bushel, chunk, hunk, profusion, scads, wad, slab, mountain, volume, loads, barrel, raft, bucket, lump.

Examples of usage:

1) Stas succeeded in saving the jaws, which with the remnants of the head he placed on an ant- column on the road, and the ants cleaned the bones in the course of an hour so thoroughly that not an atom of flesh or blood remained. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Again she faced that truth which she had long before discovered, that too passionate a denial constitutes an assertion; and while every atom of her intelligence bade her distrust her own sophistry, every throb of a strong emotional nature bade her turn from the conclusions of her reason. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) A single atom in the human sea, he may have committed a wrong while attempting to do right, and came here a penitent, trying to right it; but as I knew him he was worthy of any woman's profoundest admiration, and he shall receive it from me as long as I live. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.