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Spell check of attach

Correct spelling: attach

increase, append, adhere, set, credit, hold, cling, set apart, seize, sum up, augment, subjoin, enlarge, extend, link, place, draw, name, isolate, usurp, refer, detail, convoy, fix, truss, attend, ally, relate, assume, make up, adjoin, sequester, oblige, marry, prehend, commission, couple, abut, annex, sequestrate, keep apart, merge, secure, clutch, hitch, grab, conquer, withdraw, confiscate, second, associate, seclude, draw together, amalgamate, supplement, bend, assign, attribute, bring together, add, join, cast, acknowledge, pound, impound, tie down, splice, accredit, stick, mark, obligate, capture, chaperone, bandage, adorn, wed, expropriate, appropriate, assemble, connect, constitute, clip, moor, affiliate, cite, brand, hold fast, nominate, stick to, blame, bind, impute, bond, tie up, appoint, affix, cast up, accompany, arrogate, ascribe, get hold of, fasten, link up, amplify, garnish, escort, constipate, take over, consolidate, juxtapose, designate, tie, apply.

disjoint, deliver, depose, relinquish, dissever, expel, disconnect, forfeit, unfasten, dethrone, give up, surrender, abstract, dismiss, blackball, throw out, sunder, uncouple, reduce, unhook, split, lessen, come away, sever, unlink, fire, subtract, remove, cede, separate, unyoke, unseat, overthrow, withdraw, turn over, come off, unlash, loose, untie, disjoin, eject, part, divorce, detach, hand over, unfix, discharge, divide, loosen, deduct, release, undo, disunite, break up, dissociate, unmake, evict, diminish, yield, oust, render, displace, unbind, uncrown.

Examples of usage:

1) Nothing could make us mean any more to each other than we do now- but the family will attach great importance to the marriage. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) It has always amazed me that people attach such great value to them. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) And yet it would be impossible to attach her to my own office. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.