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Spell check of train

Correct spelling: train

have, germinate, acquire, cook, curry, subway, evolve, string, ask, gear, wagon train, claim, check out, spring up, cab, passenger, shoot, automobile, insure, column, pick out, gear up, jeep, modernize, organize, adopt, arrest, jibe, work, course, range, instruct, arise, bodice, rent, suss out, ascertain, modernise, demand, armhole, ranch, specialize, prepare, underground, inveigh, kennel, conduct, ground, charter, find out, drop behind, correspond, curb, go after, direct, remove, specialise, target, consecution, bullet train, heel, collar, rise, initiate, concatenation, determine, send, ready, care label, read, mastermind, moderate, develop, conveyance, gearing, require, drawing string, buttonhole, link, electric, assure, grow, bring, build up, tick off, subscribe, accept, trail, following, rail in, ingest, drop back, take, cover, recrudesce, funicular, boat train, formulate, hostle, machinate, vehicle, naturalize, gear mechanism, pack, power train, domesticate, cavalcade, take up, taxicab, get hold of, sled, select, call off, see to it, chequer, convertible, domino effect, sequel, tag, coaching, learn, taxi, orchestrate, consequence, bus, chain, farm, make, convey, naturalise, take on, arrangement, inculcate, inform, track, engage, carry, avalanche, propose, Eurostar, nexus, lease, gondola, check over, purport, fit, place, hearse, point, channelize, hire, produce, tail, compost, specify, cross-pollinate, let off, ferry, rail, chase, bonsai, submit, shack, involve, hold back, jalopy, catena, neaten, aerate, tame, linkage, give chase, lecture, motorcar, uprise, progression, look at, housebreak, organise, postulate, condition, brougham, open up, keep up, draw a bead on, vilify, induct, fulminate, rank, tractor, devise, limousine, cable railway, revile, landau, stagecoach, precede, appurtenance, deal, personal trainer, get up, tick, railroad train, manoeuvre, consider, herd, buggy, take away, check off, armada, lineage, entourage, array, need, watch, cross-fertilize, fire engine, use up, fight, crocodile, withdraw, engineer, ensure, stop, stipulate, thread, paraphernalia, review, Amtrak, get behind, maneuver, feed, contract, pick up, professional, consecutiveness, call for, bicycle, originate, choose, purpose, arm, rail off, look into, tally, ambulance, gamut, teach, absorb, subsequence, nurture, dog, suite, get, film, guide, discharge, armored car, check into, instill, mark, gears, freight, aspire, retrain, break, boat, sort out, line, address, fire off, consume, elevated, aim, car, blind, twine, check, order, set up, cordon, exercise, study, cultivate, channelise, coupe, cat litter, subscribe to, bed out, roadster, motorcycle, go over, hold in, take aim, railroad, occupy, contain, express, crop, wrangle, sedan, sledge, imbue, proceedings, phalanx, agree, gibe, motorcade, deadhead, series, rash, run, indoctrinate, civilise, fill, ship, make grow, streak, litter, control, wake, bib, breed, head, calculate, fix, catenation, limited, bowed stringed instrument, manoeuver, discipline, sequence, caravan, truck, pro, mark off, drill, cross-training, steer, cue, process, school, flow, barge, explicate, research, set, load, over, wagon, retinue, strand, enlighten, hold, legacy, memorize, fire, cram, civilize, round, Kitty litter, chase after, chain reaction, boxcar, assume, succession, geartrain, gear wheel, queue, cogwheel, admit, turn back, strike, spot, educate, hang back, groom, check up on, delay, edify, drawstring, freight train, match, necessitate, vituperate, see, cart, pattern, posse, drive, coach, handler, file, exact, dress, tutor, breast pocket, master, auto, correct, qualify, shoot for, van, station wagon, lead, drag, checker, answer to, take in, spotter, coattails, procession.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, good- by- I'm so glad you happened to be on this train, and I wish I might meet you again. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) I expected him to meet me at the train. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Why didn't he tell you I came on that train? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.