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Spell check of barge

Correct spelling: barge

bicycle, dugout, fishing boat, flounder, dory, train, flog, boat, cart, bus, canoe, clump, liner, dart, bark, hulk, ignitor, car, cabin cruiser, speed, ocean liner, cargo boat, igniter, stamp, canal boat, sled, jalopy, ambulance, ship, longboat, ferry, raft, hearse, shamble, stump, icebreaker, armored car, rowboat, hasten, landau, lighter, yacht, vehicle, tromp, taxi, galumph, lifeboat, bowser, fire engine, motorcycle, watercraft, slough, submarine, pontoon, plod, conveyance, cutter, motorcar, surge, dinghy, light, houseboat, lump, roadster, pound, taxicab, sledge, race, automobile, tanker, gunboat, tractor, hydrofoil, jeep, stagecoach, sedan, steamboat, bateau, scull, push forward, paddle boat, scuffle, trudge, auto, destroyer, coupe, outpace, convertible, buggy, gallop, kayak, shuffle, gondola, bulk carrier, fly, schooner, scuff, wagon, limousine, merchantman, station wagon, truck, frigate, van, skiff, trawler, sampan, motorboat, freighter, tugboat, hoy, cockleshell, carrier, boxcar, cab, coracle, galley, clomp, catamaran, cruiser, speedboat, coach, charge, aircraft carrier, scow, thrust ahead, vessel, stomp, stumble, brougham, flatboat, battleship, sailboat, slog.

waltz, breeze, drift, glide, coast, slide, waft, float, whisk, hang, poise, hover.

Examples of usage:

1) Forcing his way through the crowds of passengers to the forward part of the boat, he stood where he could get the full sweep of the wonderful panorama: The jagged purple line of the vast city stretching as far as the eye could reach; with its flat- top, square- sided, boxlike buildings, with here and there a structure taller than the others; the flash of light from Trinity's spire, its cross aflame; the awkward, crab- like movements of innumerable ferry- boats, their gaping alligator mouths filled with human flies; the impudent, nervous little tugs, spitting steam in every passing face; the long strings of sausage- linked canalers kept together by grunting, slow- moving tows; the great floating track- yards bearing ponderous cars- eight days from the Pacific without break of bulk; the skinny, far- reaching fingers of innumerable docks clutching prey of barge, steamer, and ship; the stately ocean- liner moving to sea, scattering water- bugs of boats, scows and barges as it glided on its way:- all this stirred his imagination and filled him with a strange resolve. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.

2) The barge, wherein lay the queen, had sails of purple and gold. - "Superwomen", Albert Payson Terhune.

3) This incident made me anxious to have a vessel of larger dimensions; and a barge of peculiar construction, high raised, and with a deck at bow and stern, occurred to me, which I had seen at the other station. - "Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XX", Alexander Leighton.