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Spell check of ground

Correct spelling: ground

scrubbed, deep-fried, tutor, stage, inlet, solid ground, harassed, backyard, realty, basis, edged, goods, corridor, coastal, legacy, foot, empire, fretted, domain, possessions, item, doctrine, bottom, bank, dock, station, conceive, border, occasion, understanding, terra firma, flash, assets, anode, background knowledge, real estate, captain, heel, continental shelf, battered, demonstrate, circuit board, circuitry, momentum, close, contact, earthly concern, call, build, leveled, plant, setting, start, terms, disturbed, climb, set up, motivation, circuit, possession, precinct, ring, theory, hall, claim, honed, priming, theme, constitute, courtyard, circle, bailiwick, connect, stock, garden, belongings, dominion, polished, fuse, site, maroon, mainland, theater, buzz, title, advance, ditch, fuze, deviled, bower, geography, place, bed, fine, estate, drop, detention, darkness, irritated, land, appraise, beach, flattened, al dente, province, state, come down, induct, found, context, battle-ground, alarm, airlift, rubbed, position, geological, down, principal, broken, sum up, over, judge, stropped, direction, underfur, hit on, reasonableness, area, location, tea, farm, terrain, come about, prove, disconnect, heave to, maturation, sound, cooked, arena, history, grease, run aground, fixtures, floor, whetted, progress, anchor, filth, train, consideration, coast, intellect, excuse, crust, teach, rationality, state of affairs, fundament, point, worldly concern, smoothed, go about, issue, principle, cathode, world, kingdom, crushed, founder, acres, fusee, tea leaf, seat, primer coat, stain, cast anchor, lagoon, breaded, coach, gallery, clod, depth, conduit, sand, confiscate, why, question, locale, faultline, curried, strand, landed estate, philosophy, aim, give, body politic, ideology, shore, room, lay down, fit out, soil, battlefield, abraded, primer, circus, grated, brew, region, conservancy, conditions, dogma, attach, drop anchor, groundwater, neck, Botany Bay, undercoat, cast off, footing, launch, backdrop, enclosure, infer, account, herbaceous border, situation, forum, geology, clay, realm, argument, hydroplane, dust, kneecap, instal, backcloth, loam, earth, belt, conservation area, habitat, free-base, circumstance, dirt, referent, environment, channel, glossed, establish, chattel, wherefore, matter, show, tea bag, capsize, shew, circuit breaker, grime, edgy, auditorium, necessity, advancement, cause, res publica, educate, gymnasium, pen, cornerstone, substratum, commence, color, cutting, topic, rasped, grunge, object, justification, allotment, botanical garden, culture, chromatic, continental drift, aquifer, globe, automate, property, sanded, slicked, keen, ranch, glazed, aggravated, motive, ism, wore, campus, underseal, field, proof, percolate, colouring, beat, inheritance, grounded, base, alluvium, instruct, chafed, holding, evened, purpose, reason, flat coat, end, scope, install, groundwork, foundation, worn, flowerbed, come up with, measure, spot, lecture, grounds, wealth, contrast, subject matter, demesne, amphitheater, acreage, make, fit, manor, dry land, open water, resisted, burnished, farming, commonwealth, effects, turf, background signal, conceptualize, fault, territory, development, sharpened, diaphragm, planed, country, banish, hippodrome, institute, coloring, color scheme, frame of reference, resources, trenchant, narrows, climate, spring, coffee, scraped, foothold, discoloration, eject, coil, hook into, fuzee, begin, stone, Colosseum, underpinning, initiate, nation, mud, waterboarding, pretext, design, desktop, priming coat, grit, au naturel, cold, prime, subject, screen background, event, background.

figure, rounded, level, obtuse, even, blunt, flat, slick, dull, soft, smooth, blunted, dulled.

Examples of usage:

1) But they also walk on the ground. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) I walked two steps on the ground and five on the air. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Glenning picked up a few which had fallen upon the ground, and gave them to her. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.