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Spell check of sovereign

Correct spelling: sovereign

separate, capital, superman, master, kingly, prima donna, independent, first, numero uno, monarch butterfly, predominant, greatest, commander, champion, main, nobility, celebrated, premier, self-governed, maximum, great, distinguished, grand, leader, chief, autocrat, A-1, courtly, monarch, baronial, controlling, furthermost, winner, consummate, ladylike, leading, headmost, milkweed butterfly, primal, august, aristocratic, superior, regal, free, king, best, dignified, chosen, uppermost, elite, autonomous, paragon, eminent, big, central, overriding, zenith, preeminent, crowned head, commanding, princely, principal, virtuoso, above, dominant, better, dependence, prize winner, magisterial, overbearing, imperial, key, knightly, overmastering, aristocracy, champ, ascendant, victor, prodigy, quintessential, boss, self-directed, foremost, cardinal, noble, furthest, arch, senior, highest, imposing, primary, lordly, signal, patrician, self-reliant, number one, supreme, stately, crowning, president, self-governing, most, choice, freestanding, royal, paramount, majestic, heroic, star, ruling, prior.

inconsequential, secondary, negligible, nonautonomous, conquered, low-level, subject, minor, subservient, insignificant, inconsiderable, captive, slight, unimportant, bound, enslaved, inferior, subdued, dependent, unfree, subordinate, subsidiary, fettered, trivial, last, trifling, subjugated, least, collateral.

Examples of usage:

1) And the sovereign law of the theatre will always be action. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

2) A rubbing of eyes, and behold a stout guard in front of the door and no sign of the Old Gentleman whatever, but when he felt for his ticket in his side pocket he found also a glittering sovereign that had certainly not been there when he went asleep. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) You owe me a sovereign, eh? - "Command", William McFee.