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Spell check of settle

Correct spelling: settle

rise, resolve, pin down, systematize, categorize, substantiate, agree, stare, stagnate, separate, program, soothe, settee, repay, foot, touch down, wrap up, precipitate, compensate, chart, grade, lodge, nestle, inhabit, watch, lessen, dissolve, referee, get back, come from, stabilize, liquidate, derive, still, subordinate, plummet, lull, quiet, support, rectify, fabricate, pay off, rootle, extinguish, adjust, rate, cool off, drop, unsnarl, put down, charge, square up, shush, submit, rationalize, calm down, define, smooth over, armchair, spring, set, negotiate, settle up, compromise, shape, find out, allay, catch up with, turn up, see, sanction, uphold, diminish, nail down, submerse, wait, maintain, hush, atone, people, mollify, situate, type, discharge, prove, shine, ante up, achieve, decline, immerse, arbitrate, land, slide, pile, orchestrate, constitute, remedy, vegetate, unify, slumber, stand, check, come, strike, get through, stratify, harmonize, slide down, straighten out, screen, check on, scheme, dwell, dip, strengthen, site, marshal, lenify, regulate, calm, sediment, comprise, wind down, quit, finalize, lower, purpose, frame, do, refund, liquidation, lay, represent, verify, plunge, mold, harmonise, cast, plot, pause, locate, ensconce, dumb, drop down, survey, arm, armrest, decrease, come to, devise, take in, flow, square off, resign, pay, roost, be, invent, place, adjudge, position, buckle, correct, cool it, counterbalance, halt, return, end, sift, disburse, bury, organize, reimburse, find, award, arrange, solve, bring out, conciliate, take effect, pacify, backrest, array, chair, break up, citation, order, get even, loosen up, call off, salve, mediate, put in, chill out, mute, lapse, contain, compound, lullaby, settle down, slump, simmer down, dole, squat, square, fall off, concession, specify, perch, quell, pigeonhole, corroborate, look, conclude, rest, assuage, go under, reconcile, steady down, learn, inspect, arrive at, chill, slip, group, make up one's mind, put, pay up, sustain, offset, even up, come down, gruntle, umpire, design, deign, dispose of, cook up, board, right, go down, crash, live, pony up, populate, peg, set down, patch, decide, patch up, default, collate, call for, wane, control, determine, make up, nail, manufacture, install, rout, acquit, sleep, gaze, narrow, light, becalm, even out, integrate, satisfy, balm, even off, ascertain, take root, schedule, recompense, bargain, abide, affect, move, gentle, accrue, peg down, finalise, squelch, cool down, improve, clear, descend, remunerate, jog, reward, form, forgive, complete, bridge-building, work out, limit, mark time, relax, tumble, acquittal, tranquilize, re-collect, redress, accommodate, stay, finish with, chesterfield, allow, colonize, arrive, hang, confirm, make, concede, examine, annul, set out, schematize, carry through, score, judge, marry, retribute, balance, go by, topple, alight, incur, chaise, gravitate, shut up, classify, narrow down, bankroll, remit, adjudicate, placate, get, sort, plan, seat, condescend, amortize, chaise longue, prepare, rule, assure, fix, influence, fall, reside, root, win back, subside, impact, answer, class, compose, look around, try, fall down, methodize, structure, chaise lounge, submerge, interact, bar, appease, pass, quieten, back, sink, rank, normalize, ratify, devolve, meet, establish.

debate, object, plane, hang, abrogate, ascend, muddy, heighten, dispute, confuse, arise, overthrow, recall, call off, contest, disquiet, float, muddle, key, swim, excite, differ, arouse, oppose, upset, mix, rouse, stir, equivocate, disagree, hover, unsettle, revoke, destroy, skirt, console, cancel, unpeople, incite, condole with, rise, work up, resist, repeal, foment, take off, discompose, repudiate, depopulate, aggravate, rescind, pussyfoot, shatter, hedge, call, protest, wing, fly, vex, shake, intensify, climb, abort, drop, blast off, annul, perturb, counter, disturb, agitate, raise, glide, soar, weaken.

Examples of usage:

1) That may settle it without any trouble. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Settle on that mountain. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) The way it worked out, we never got a chance to settle it our own way. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.