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Spell check of normal

Correct spelling: normal

universal, conventionalism, common, arranged, archetypal, uniform, orderly, balanced, symmetrical, radiation diagram, well, accustomed, workaday, formula, vigorous, canonical, predominant, spry, prevailing, blueprint, epochal, middling, traffic pattern, consistent, unexceptional, customary, lucid, modest, suburban, rhythmic, figure, nondescript, constant, mean, ordered, inbred, conventional, sensible, standard, cut-and-dried, regular, banal, ruler, steady, rule, general, reasonable, convention, efficient, public, habitual, traditional, methodical, stock, mezzo, so-so, moderate, monotonous, clearheaded, stereotype, surprise, middle-of-the-road, principle, rational, compos mentis, conventionality, prosaic, chemical formula, pattern, chronic, recipe, dominion, typical, dominant, native, tight, characteristic, realistic, standard-issue, linguistic rule, down-to-earth, everyday, mediocre, sane, representative, familiar, shape, right, connatural, median, ordinary, expression, usual, predominating, cyclical, sober-minded, halfway, frequent, unremarkable, mid, robust, recurrent, periodic, fine, strong, metronomic, form, garden-variety, regulation, right-minded, mundane, well-balanced, popular, convening, practice, modal, midmost, natural, routine, sound, able-bodied, radiation pattern, inborn, perpendicular, systematic, harmonious, prevalent, true, design, continual, wholesome, approach pattern, medium, stable, healthy, prescript, fit, commonplace, whole, orthodox, run-of-the-mill, average.

unnatural, bizarre, paranoid, uncustomary, obsessed, loony, distinctive, fixated, parapsychological, bananas, loco, wacko, oddball, striking, quaint, nonrepresentative, brainsick, raving, quirky, foolish, certifiable, unconventional, paranoiac, supranormal, maniacal, disturbed, mad, way-out, frenzied, Kafkaesque, oblique, abnormal, recherché, aberrant, crackpot, deranged, extraordinary, atypical, nuts, wacky, funky, unorthodox, disordered, dotty, batty, crackbrained, mental, unique, gaga, unknown, funny, ape, notable, haywire, distracted, crazy, unbalanced, unfamiliar, unwonted, scarce, obsessive-compulsive, eccentric, outlandish, prominent, cranky, schizophrenic, antidromic, despondent, delirious, unexampled, phenomenal, salient, irregular, noteworthy, crazed, peculiar, moonstruck, perverted, depressed, balmy, out-of-the-way, daffy, vicarious, weird, idiosyncratic, psychokinetic, curious, special, unprecedented, monomaniacal, delusionary, outrageous, freak, distraught, daft, unexpected, brachydactylic, pixilated, irrational, bughouse, erratic, especial, unreasonable, fantastic, singular, parallel, wild, psychotic, paranormal, untypical, cracked, brachydactylous, cuckoo, offbeat, loopy, strange, frantic, witless, odd, ballistic, monomaniac, nuclear, nutty, anomalous, outstanding, exceptional, infrequent, rare, unparalleled, schizoid, senseless, kooky, unpredictable, conspicuous, unusual, lunatic, deviant, remarkable, kinky, far-out, psychical, nonconformist, fruity, neurotic, amok, insane, demented, hysterical, freakish, meshuga, subnormal, unsound, berserk, off, psycho, uncommon, screwy, novel, deviate, defective, supernormal, psychic, scatty, outré, delusional, potty, signal, mixed-up.

Examples of usage:

1) The Eskimo is ever hungry, but his taste is normal. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) We are almost normal again- not quite, but almost. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.