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Spell check of normality

Correct spelling: normality

harmony, north, newton, commonality, due north, northward, sanity, arrangement, ordinariness, usual, routine, standard, recurrence, conventionality, custom, consistency, status quo, stability, routineness, predominance, efficiency, symmetry, order, habitualness, atomic number 7, nitrogen, customariness, system, uniformity, N, constancy, universality, monotony, tradition, prevalence, method, steadiness, reason, normalcy, regularity, orthodoxy, balance, rhythm, usualness, organization, periodicity, frequency.

uncommonness, unconventionality, anomalousness, abnormalcy, disturbance, irregularity, abnormal condition, remarkableness, disorderliness, noteworthiness, disruptiveness, extraordinariness, disruption, deviance, unusualness, abnormality.

Examples of usage:

1) Indecision largely disappeared for three quite normal years, office details only now and then ruffling the smooth normality of Mr. van der Veere's life. - "Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness", Robert S. Carroll.

2) Harmonious equilibrium, or normality, continues. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..

3) It is among the specimens of normality of the brain cells that we may look for our examples of endocrine mental deficiency. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..