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Spell check of norm

Correct spelling: norm

morals, arithmetic mean, pattern, model, everyday, normal, prototype, law, ordinary, standard, average, yardstick, goldbrick, bum, paradigm, average out, ethics, nondescript, parasite, code, usual, layabout, mould, couch potato, standards, rule, slob, genotype, criterion, the law of averages, ethos, deadbeat, morality, medium, convention, unexceptional, per capita, measure, mean, slowpoke, median, specimen, commonplace, par, exemplar, norms, bench mark, routine, passenger, etiquette, conscience, lump, mundane, unremarkable, archetype, principles.

abnormality, deviation, exception, anomaly, rarity.

Examples of usage:

1) For poetry, Cloister Oldstyle offers a safe norm, from which any wide departure must have a correspondingly strong artistic warrant. - "The Booklover and His Books", Harry Lyman Koopman.

2) We start with a fairly extended and distinct letter like Caslon for our norm, but even so the problem is in the highest degree complex and baffling. - "The Booklover and His Books", Harry Lyman Koopman.

3) The fading eyesight of old age does not necessarily set the norm of print; but this is certain, that what age reads without difficulty youth will read without strain, and in view of the excessive burden put upon the eyes by the demands of modern life, it may be worth while to consider whether it is not wise to err on the safer side as regards the size of type, even by an ample margin. - "The Booklover and His Books", Harry Lyman Koopman.