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Spell check of conventional

Correct spelling: conventional

stereotyped, fixed, atypical, correct, usual, accept, explosive, established, run-of-the-mill, moderate, cyclical, obstinate, habitual, liberal, bigoted, hidebound, middling, mezzo, chronic, current, stereotype, precise, continual, timeworn, ceremonious, nondescript, ceremonial, predominant, unremarkable, predominating, schematic, punctilious, tony, effected, establishmentarian, congruous, rakish, prescriptive, metronomic, swank, mundane, steady, natty, unusual, vogue, decorous, square, confirmed, sanctioned, slick, complying, narrow-minded, inflexible, nonnuclear, submissive, dominant, classic, approved, formulaic, snappy, standard, stodgy, refined, condoned, constant, clinical, periodic, received, ritzy, accepted, well-known, decent, characteristic, scriptural, believing, fancy, illiberal, dapper, chichi, prejudiced, median, customary, long-range, middle-of-the-road, recognized, chic, obedient, nuclear, antimalarial, accomplished, stereotypical, regular, conditioned, essential, proper, button-down, wonted, conservative, familiar, fitting, accustomed, anti-tank, archetypal, halfway, mediocre, common, frequent, puritanical, dogmatic, anti-personnel, normal, aping, prevalent, showy, rhythmic, recurrent, well-worn, expected, prevailing, general, stiff, plain, aseptic, unimaginative, medium, up-to-date, acclimated, prototypical, stuffy, broad-minded, live, rigid, modal, antibacterial, heavy, unexceptional, agree, stereotypic, straight, combination, buttoned-down, seemly, orthodox, set, unconventional, courtesy, consist, clear, custom, ritual, going, orderly, narrow, strict, routine, ordinary, stately, conformist, parochial, mid, everyday, adhering, stylish, typical, mannerly, unoriginal, naturalized, canonical, literal, dashing, polite, smart, bloodless, traditional, coordinated, conforming, acquiescing, antenatal, broad-spectrum, formal, pompous, fashionable, commonplace, fit, modish, antiaircraft, stock, insular, epochal, classical, right, popular, mean, courtly, average, monotonous, conformable, constituted, midmost, universal, nonrepresentational, bionic, relaxed.

freakish, mod, representational, unauthorized, latest, freaky, spacey, hot, inept, modern, bizarre, way-out, quirky, go-as-you-please, unofficial, unfit, modernized, spaced-out, uncommon, incorrect, alternative, red-hot, nonconformist, infelicitous, devil-may-care, untraditional, unbecoming, eccentric, up-to-date, outre, nonorthodox, newfangled, unprecedented, contemporary, flakey, improper, unapt, funky, space-age, irregular, state-of-the-art, ultramodern, new-fashioned, futuristic, new-age, revolutionary, nuclear, kinky, gonzo, present-day, graceless, freewheeling, unorthodox, updated, unsuitable, thermonuclear, abnormal, new, nonstandard, far-out, nontraditional, unhappy, uncustomary, rakish, current, original, high-tech, spacy, indecorous, maverick, exceptional, unconventional, outlandish, extraordinary, unseemly, unpopular, atomic, inappropriate, off-the-wall, raffish, flaky, modernistic, offbeat, unusual, unceremonious, bohemian, progressive, informal, casual.

Examples of usage:

1) She was beginning to think as an individual- as a woman; not merely as a member of conventional society. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) They are not very conventional people in that country. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) Helen thought June, as the most conventional time, would probably please her mother best. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.