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Spell check of average

Correct spelling: average

hexadecimal, representative, fair, binary, center, commonness, periodic, usual, norm, midsize, banality, plain, heart, passable, classical, half-and-half, standard-issue, equate, classically, dominant, workaday, annualized, average out, sufficient, ordinariness, recurrent, normalcy, undistinguished, mediocre, modest, bisection, bonnie, exacting, archetypal, common, monotonous, stock, fairish, pivotal, the law of averages, mezzo, indivisible, orthodox, regular, prosaic, canonical, axial, double-digit, middle-of-the-road, even, mid, comely, intermediate, middling, predominating, continual, tidy, divisible, indifferent, pair off, epicenter, rhythmic, midpoint, computational, commonplace, adequate, clean, mundane, familiar, calculable, approximation, low, banal, medial, constant, abacus, equidistant, algorithm, metronomic, just, marrow, cyclical, per capita, unexceptional, moderate, above, customary, goodish, typical, core, general, midst, mean, prevailing, epochal, decimal, second-rate, binomial, stereotype, true, routine, standard, cut-and-dried, traditional, good, pivot, unremarkable, advanced, modal, garden, chronic, sightly, conventional, kernel, mediocrity, OK, halfway, par, halfway point, honest, centralized, nuclear, axis, characteristic, nucleus, steady, predominant, equalize, surprise, acceptable, decent, suburban, arithmetic mean, accustomed, garden-variety, modesty, normal, high, so-so, universal, decimal place, half, medium, geocentric, bonny, run-of-the-mill, habitual, midmost, median, bisecting, respectable, formulaic, reasonable, hub, deviation, tolerable, all right, middle, ordinary, everyday, satisfactory, countdown, strike a balance, nub, frequent, calculation, fine, central.

freakish, freak, rare, unparalleled, notable, scarce, screwy, odd, excessive, signal, remarkable, unconventional, quaint, novel, anomalous, outrageous, striking, wacky, individual, untypical, unfamiliar, curious, peculiar, bizarre, nonrepresentative, uncommon, noteworthy, erratic, eccentric, outré, uncustomary, oddball, nonconformist, extraordinary, outlandish, outstanding, unprecedented, unpredictable, irregular, weird, immoderate, private, wild, infrequent, funny, aberrant, unique, abnormal, unusual, idiosyncratic, salient, especial, extreme, funky, strange, unexpected, offbeat, distinctive, atypical, phenomenal, Kafkaesque, quirky, exceptional, unexampled, unorthodox, recherché, deviant, prominent, special, unknown, out-of-the-way, unwonted, way-out, far-out, unnatural, conspicuous, fantastic, singular, kooky.

Examples of usage:

1) The same average advance would take us to the Pole in thirteen days. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Even those who are kept on get lower average wages than they would on the day system. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Jack and Dick helped young Jesse W. up the bank, as, otherwise, it would have been hard for the little fellow, who was under the average size for boys of his age, and he felt quite proud of being with the older boys, and said as he looked around on the water and the island and the yacht lying at anchor: When I tell the other fellows that I came up here they won't believe me. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.