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Spell check of juiced

Correct spelling: juiced

stewed, stinking, sottish, loaded, pie-eyed, sloshed, keen, tipsy, hot, impatient, desirous, blotto, soused, enthusiastic, sozzled, ripped, pickled, intoxicated, tiddly, wet, pumped, canned, smashed, blasted, potted, cockeyed, hammered, stoned, oiled, blind, inebriate, high, bombed, raring, blitzed, thirsty, boozy, tanked, looped, lit, excited, hungry, greedy, great, athirst, fried, stiff, squiffed, agog, lit up, hopped-up, avid, nuts, stoked, voracious, plastered, impaired, anxious, wasted, antsy, crocked, ardent, besotted, enthused, gung ho, geeked, inebriated, gassed, wild, tight, crazy, solicitous, wiped out.

disinclined, level, nonchalant, aloof, abstemious, apathetic, spiritless, steady, straight, impassive, dry, lackadaisical, disinterested, hesitant, averse, lukewarm, temperate, uneager, languid, casual, stolid, clearheaded, unenthusiastic, insouciant, indifferent, unwilling, abstinent, sober, reluctant, detached, loath, uninterested, languorous, unconcerned, halfhearted, cool, incurious, teetotal.

Examples of usage:

1) This is the case with all the Indian watery- juiced climbers, at whatever season they may be cut. - "Himalayan Journals V2.", J. D. Hooker.

2) Thoreau coveted its strong purple stalk for a cane, and the robins eat its dark crimson- juiced berries. - "A Year in the Fields", John Burroughs.

3) Things were reported in the sky near South Africa, and from Honolulu- where nobody would ignore what a radar said again, especially the juiced- up equipment just modified on orders- and from other places. - "The Invaders", William Fitzgerald Jenkins.