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Spell check of cheer

Correct spelling: cheer

comfort, hail, holler, foster, bonhomie, lighten, hearten, fair weather, glorify, revolutionise, gleefulness, pleasure, hilarity, laud, axiom, joviality, exhilaration, ovation, acclaim, jauntiness, revolutionize, cheer up, ginger up, protect, congeniality, glee, hallow, play, console, enjoyment, trumpet, cheerfulness, cliche, urge, harbor, mirthfulness, revel, battle cry, scream, happiness, shriek, entertain, warmness, advocate, complaisance, cheering, amiability, rejoice in, approbation, gladden, revive, revivify, hiss, relish, acclamation, chirk up, bonniness, agreeability, feather, merriment, value, enthrallment, adage, please, mirth, pleasance, recreate, observe, satisfaction, inaugurate, salute, cry, satisfy, clap, jubilate, hold dear, yell, growl, cite, breathe in, inhale, exhort, good humor, citation, catchphrase, brightness, enjoy, crow, blitheness, jazz up, gurgle, howl, venerate, jolly up, euphoria, consolation, mode, inspire, quicken, merriness, enchant, lightheartedness, humor, press, ecstasy, sunlight, whoop, celebrate, bliss, tickle, instigate, honor, sunshine, geniality, flout, enliven, look forward to, relief, repair, delight, like, festivity, clamor, jolliness, exult, credit, shelter, brownie points, encouragement, commemorate, prompt, approval, rapture, root, spirit, compliment, rave, applause, exclaim, admiration, bawl, gladness, happy, nirvana, jump for joy, well-being, gratify, jeer, pep up, joy, gratification, regard, recognition, nerve, joyfulness, vivify, overjoy, sunniness, binomial, roar, carouse, buck up, nourish, buoyancy, treasure, recommend, temperateness, cherish, inspirit, animate, make merry, jolly along, urge on, sun, renovate, nurture, cluck, motivate, aphorism, brighten, amusement, beatitude, groan, friendliness, plaudit, call, solace, gibe, cheeriness, blessedness, elation, scoff, embolden, agreeableness, solemnize, easygoingness, help, felicity, cling to, click, exhilarate, thrive on, respect, invigorate, juice up, shout, fete, grunt, moan, jocundity, gayness, contentment, affability, entertainment, memorialize, reanimate, gaiety, encourage, rejoice, exalt, nurse, praise, barrack, hurrah, frolic, jollity, applaud, cordiality, party, proclaim, perk up, temper.

dolefulness, plain, quetch, jeer, bile, complain, mourning, kick, gloominess, discontent, booing, put-down, smirk, depression, dishearten, glumness, heartbreak, mournfulness, misery, taunt, heartache, forlornness, cold comfort, plaintiveness, unhappiness, moodiness, solemnity, spleen, grimness, gibe, kvetch, uncheerfulness, soberness, earnestness, sound off, disgruntlement, desolateness, torture, melancholy, despondence, sobersidedness, wretchedness, snort, sneer, hissing, torment, gloom, snicker, dolorousness, blackness, snigger, sadness, sorrow, joylessness, dejection, raspberry, woefulness, hiss, whistle, solemnness, miserableness, desolation, anguish, gravity, darkness, boo, put off, distress, graveness, blues, seriousness, hoot, sourness, woe.

Examples of usage:

1) May 1 came with increasing color in the sunbursts, but without cheer. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) As I held his hand, the cheer of a long- forgotten world came over me. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I think not, Scribbens- cheer up! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.