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Spell check of arouse

Correct spelling: arouse

advert, advance, discharge, drive out, infuriate, hasten, trip, name, enhance, call forth, awareness, chivvy, stir, wind, inflame, complot, heat, turn-on, stabilise, harass, cabal, hassle, refer, frisky, tease, cite, stabilize, electrify, remonstrate, lecture, mention, spark, rebuke, fetch up, resurrect, randy, bedevil, induce, boot, plague, shake up, scold, kick upstairs, devolve on, shift, go off, enkindle, chivy, charge, berate, erect, vex, encourage, fuel, dismiss, impassion, call on the carpet, give notice, give the axe, gain vigor, chevy, land up, give the sack, bring up, prove, lift, switch on, nominate, pick up, trounce, shake, educe, rush, get, posit, produce, reboot, elevate, assert, invoke, bait, dress down, rag, energize, bestir, finish up, awake, steady, charge up, stimulate, put up, paint a picture, press, chew out, instigate, hot, perturb, evoke, harry, pique, grate, fire up, open fire, have, conflagrate, grow, suggest, state, incite, trip out, aggravate, stir up, make, touch, beseech, irritate, draw out, displace, force out, conjure up, come alive, poise, pester, reprimand, bid, nag, lambast, conjure, recruit, submit, desire, rear, terminate, appeal, hinge on, torment, rankle, depend upon, nurture, brace, disturb, affect, leaven, jaw, parent, elicit, peeve, have words, discompose, fire, fret, extract, machinate, knock up, heighten, exhilarate, burn down, rout out, agitate, call down, upraise, wake up, end up, annoy, levy, send away, put forward, disquiet, upset, sack, irk, inspire, chafe, move, ignite, bawl out, raise, kick up, excited, chew up, commove, want, hinge upon, wind-up, kindle, rouse, reproof, envenom, farm, percolate, wake, energise, rev, badger, needle, provoke, get off, lambaste, chevvy, antagonize, exacerbate, trouble, perk up, depend on, bother, ride, adjure, budge, exasperate, promote, cause, animate, perk, finish, beset, entreat, awaken, get up, excite, waken, conspire, burn, chide, set up, enrage, can, upgrade.

doze, nap, hypnotize, doze off, sleep, flake out, couch, drowse off, nod off, catnap, conk, de-energize, oversleep, tranquillise, doss, snooze, sleep in, pacify, fall asleep, tranquilize, dope off, drop off, placate, de-energise, kip, mesmerize, turn in, rest, retire, bed, flop, lull, sack out, calm, soothe, slumber, mollify, tranquillize, drift off, sedate, subdue, appease, nod, cause to sleep.

Examples of usage:

1) That Mr. Peary should persistently attack me did arouse a feeling of chagrin and injury. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Allan Dorris had a habit of losing himself in thought when in the midst of a conversation, and though he said he had been waiting patiently to hear the music, it did not arouse him, for the girl had tired of waiting for his reply, and gone to playing. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) If going back to The Dales does not arouse her, she must go somewhere else, for roused she certainly must be. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.