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Spell check of impatient

Correct spelling: impatient

vehement, impetuous, galloping, thirsting, brisk, hurried, feverish, breathless, fleet, hot, restless, speedy, longing, accept, desirous, restive, intense, burning, keen, quick, fervent, impatient of, zealous, enthusiastic, attitude, troubled, bothered, urgent, breakneck, dashing, rushing, pelting, earnest, intolerant of, fretful, concern, swift, ardent, irritable, running, calm, glowing, hasty, athirst, eager, unforbearing, anxious, short, avid, intent, bursting, thirsty, yearning, raring, fast, animated, importunate, agog, intolerant, bustling, abrupt, solicitous, quick-tempered, excitable, rapid, flying, darting.

enduring, heedless, frigid, uninterested, stony, tolerant, persevering, unhurried, long-suffering, patient, purposeless, patient of, unmoved, diligent, regardless, cool, forbearing, stolid, unconcerned, phlegmatic, indifferent, calm, dispassionate, careless, apathetic, unmindful, longanimous, uneager, cold, negligent.

Examples of usage:

1) Ay, and ye 're impatient to be back again, at home, beside your own fire, with your own people. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Kent was not so impatient to hear it, but he did not tell her so. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Laura made a little impatient gesture. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.