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Spell check of excerpt

Correct spelling: excerpt

educe, extract, prospectus, take away, quote, remove, distil, move out, evoke, abstract, counterpoint, press out, summary, natural selection, infusion, excerption, ask out, synopsis, draw off, pick, digest, except, get out, omit, citation, option, cadence, pull out, draw, elicit, quotation, crescendo, choice, exclude, invite out, overview, precis, abridgment, buy food, cite, pull, passage, distill, compendium, leave off, selection, repeat, arpeggio, resume, take out, express, accompaniment, epitome, leave out, outline, survival of the fittest, paraphrase, withdraw, recite, flourish, descant, breakbeat, survival, coda, plagiarize, draw out, pull up, condensation, sketch, unpack.

Examples of usage:

1) There is of course no reason why such a list should not be indefinitely extended, but the above excerpt is probably quite long enough to make the reader feel dizzy. - "The Romance of Names", Ernest Weekley.