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Spell check of vex

Correct spelling: vex

engender, madden, impersonate, burn, capture, become, grate, frustrate, put, astound, gripe, fray, pound, agitate, incur, inconvenience oneself, gall, bait, wedge, bewilder, have, razz, fuddle, confound, beat, draw, bemuse, posture, mother, pique, discombobulate, get at, acquire, provoke, reach, anger, chew up, grow, berate, besot, induce, stun, pay back, foil, irk, befog, occupy, disoblige, take, receive, amaze, stick, lambaste, stay put, disturb, charge up, set, irritate, chafe, experience, stir, bring forth, feelings, hold fast, interrupt, wake, infuriate, sting, dun, drive, reorganise, exasperate, outsmart, charge, torment, ruffle, acerbate, scratch, shell, come, jar, flap, dress down, circumvent, let, fret, chide, trounce, progress to, stand by, rally, ignite, crusade, put out, cross, hack, fluff up, puzzle, push, shift, get, spite, maze, nag, work over, go, tantalize, catch, sire, bring, harry, tucker, cod, bunk, trouble oneself, interest, perplex, cause, excoriate, perturb, set out, rag, buffalo, scotch, trouble, gravel, stick by, develop, get down, frost, vanquish, arrest, pulsate, make, beget, thrum, raise up, urticate, overreach, foment, budge, beat out, start, annoy, muddle, exhaust, ticktock, pester, needle, scram, personate, incommode, suffer, reorganize, heat, shake up, fetch, find, tantalise, harass, upset, lecture, antagonize, fix, throw, drum, nettle, access, contract, bother, befuddle, rebuke, rile, tucker out, aggravate, spoil, adhere, inflame, pain, disorient, twit, wash up, position, lodge, cling, nark, inconvenience, place, cleave, get to, get under one's skin, obtain, arrive, commence, bedevil, bugger off, reproof, instigate, plump up, displease, pose, distress, excite, crucify, pay off, rasp, worry, rankle, turn on, dumbfound, incite, sustain, stick around, stick to, rouse, discommode, fight, peeve, jaw, sit, ticktack, taunt, father, campaign, exacerbate, produce, stay, stir up, chew out, start out, crush, enrage, envenom, succuss, commove, bump around, affront, fox, ride, bilk, beat up, discompose, convey, tick, touch, begin, cohere, stimulate, complicate, care, call down, aim, bawl out, flummox, concern, persecute, wound, offend, hassle, muddy, arouse, buzz off, tease, generate, lambast, scold, shake, insult, nonplus, regulate, reprimand, have words, present, scramble, fire up, astonish, model, bind, stupefy, thump, plague, addle, call on the carpet, remonstrate, thwart, set about, outfox, bug, roil, eat, rub, mystify, bamboozle, badger, quiver, lay, set off, bond, baffle, press, itch, outwit.

content, placate, appease, console, reassure, honor, mollify, oblige, soothe, delight, comfort, conciliate, enlighten, pacify, propitiate, solace, quiet, inform, satisfy, gladden, assure, please, cheer, gratify.

Examples of usage:

1) Do you try to repay her in some part for all her care and tenderness, by your affection, by doing all she wishes, and what you know is right, whether she sees you or not; trying not in any way to vex her, but to please her in all things? - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.

2) It is, I imagine, a sense capable of cultivation, and enables us to look upon many of man's doings that would otherwise vex and pain us, and, as some say, destroy all the pleasure of our lives, not exactly as an illusion, as if we were Japanese and had seen a fox in the morning, but at all events in what we call a philosophic spirit. - "Afoot in England", W.H. Hudson.

3) It may be a relief to you as well as to me; indeed, I think it will; if I had imagined what I have to say would vex you in any way, you may be sure I wouldn't come at such a time as this. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.