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Spell check of fuddle

Correct spelling: fuddle

fob, flip, toast, make, tope, pledge, shed, besot, shake off, discombobulate, rag, play a joke on, buffalo, clear, switch, jumbal, blur, torment, mess, vex, drink, pickle, gravel, give, befog, stupefy, put off, throw off, befuddle, cast, puzzle, thrust, smother, play a trick on, flummox, hurl, drop, cast off, clutter, mix up, feelings, kettle of fish, bamboozle, muddle, welter, bedevil, dizzy, trick, project, confuse, mare's nest, fox, wassail, intoxicate, disorient, bewilder, obscure, drink in, baffle, muddy, pose, hodgepodge, throw, throw away, get, bemuse, crucify, patchwork, inebriate, Drugs, pull a fast one on, beat, jam, dun, perplex, addle, confound, frustrate, contrive, fix, hold, disconcert, booze, have, maze, salute, flurry, imbibe, mystify, obnubilate, jumble.

assure, inform, reassure, enlighten, satisfy.

Examples of usage:

1) He was stronger than any of his mates, kept his head clearer because he did not fuddle it with beer, and availed himself of the liberty which then existed of working as fast and as much as he chose. - "Four American Leaders", Charles William Eliot.

2) I learned the habit at your table; wine was placed in my hands, in my very childhood, by you; you indulged all my vile selfishness; made me a miserable, arrogant wretch; I came to hang about the village tavern, and gamble, and fuddle myself, until I was made worthless! - "Mohun, or, The Last Days of Lee", John Esten Cooke.

3) The horrid creatures are going to fuddle at the tea- garden, and get tipsy like their masters. - "The Virginians", William Makepeace Thackeray.