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Spell check of suit

Correct spelling: suit

fit, morning suit, raiment, bathrobe, befit, meet, garment, pinafore, t-shirt, civvies, proceeding, robe, shorts, slacks, hat, desire, dinner jacket, ancillary, wooing, body stocking, tally, case, mackintosh, coordinate, reconcile, benefit, jacket, gibe, apparatchik, ensemble, jibe, courtship, safari suit, tunic, pillowcase, trimming, sweat suit, apparel, cry, sue, slicker, plea, reason, parka, qualify, stockings, hearing, card, indictment, defense, blouse, litigation, adjuration, fount, desk person, dressing gown, fedora, subject, raincoat, frock, career woman, cowboy, arraignment, pants, camisole, set, designated hitter, tuxedo, pyjamas, shawl, diamond, grammatical case, poncho, face card, allegation, drive, casing, array, Afghan, pleading, become, crinoline, tone, sports coat, jack, campaign, instance, kimono, black tie, font, fez, measure up, satisfy, homburg, writ, business suit, beckon, group, complaint, chapeau, crusade, citation, explanation, coordinates, get, habit, baggies, lodge, beseem, overcoat, ace, bonnet, kilt, beachwear, prayer, grievance, character, morning dress, evening gown, duds, cape, cloak, jumpsuit, smock, smoking jacket, gown, appeal, housecoat, please, nightgown, commuter, causal agent, trial, match up, cause, subpoena, coat, vestment, speak for itself, hold, livery, v-neck, house of cards, excuse, bowler, adapt, suppliance, solicitation, check, sarong, event, grounds, match, display case, caseful, conform to, clothing, wrapper, black, series, pull-over, face, sheath, trench coat, vitrine, go, correspond, prosecution, suite, class action, trousers, court-martial, shirt, jumper, boot, pillow slip, dovetail, windbreaker, accessory, guinea pig, clothes, action, uniform, turn, blazer, brassiere, garb, lovemaking, court, implication, attire, suit of clothes, duty officer, deck, impeachment, lawsuit, oblige, courting, skirt, blue jeans, sweat shirt, affidavit, deuce, charge, type, summons, sweater, justification, petticoat, agree, pantsuit, typeface, live up to, supplication, greatcoat, breadwinner, showcase, conciliate, Stetson, ulster, casuals, costume, conjuration, pea coat, entreaty, pajamas, catsuit, petition, fit out, come up to, movement, doublet, fur, equip, footgear, dissent, panties, halter, dress, outfit, headdress, shoes, auxiliary, effort, eccentric, turtle-neck, serve, topcoat, heart, chemise, committal, Jersey, dating, admit, corset, sari, wrap, caftan, pillbox, accommodate, burnoose, vesture, accusation, fit in with, slip, example, beret, shine, scarf, causa, shell, leisure suit, combats, club, causal agency, count.

Examples of usage:

1) He was dressed in a suit of white and gold. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Billy made a move to suit the action to the thought, but Anna pushed him gently back. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Don't I look nice in this suit? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.