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Spell check of slew

Correct spelling: slew

gobs, shipload, foreshorten, slip one's mind, big bucks, multitude, trim back, volume, mint candy, bucket, reduce, trade, yard, bushel, asphyxiated, big, profusion, mistake, bunch, cut down, hand, executed, done away with, assassinated, hasten, awoken, lot, chilled, drop away, thin out, circle, pack, hack, destiny, did away with, atomic reactor, raft, wind, draw, big money, potbelly, rationalize, outpace, dart, make out, surge, ken, push-down list, cut, skid, slue, nap, tidy sum, troop, steal, edit out, freshet, view, cut off, kettle of fish, muss, kink, contract, bargain, wad, quid, plateful, fix, speed, plentitude, push-down store, quantity, veer, plenteousness, jam, mass, flowerpot, write out, loads, race, chain reactor, tailor, passel, slain, bring down, fold, agglomerate, voltaic pile, curve, sheer, oodles, arch, ignore, luck, green goddess, abridge, plenitude, edit, slaughtered, liquidated, dozen, batch, shorten, curl, spate, mess, truckload, skunk, done in, bundle, boatload, myriad, lashings, wealth, potentiometer, people, stilt, massacred, smokestack, began, store, masses, sacrificed, twist, visual sense, softwood, potty, became, plug, chunk, atomic pile, abbreviate, bade, can, fly, pickle, muckle, basketful, plenty, sneak, circumstances, whole slew, galvanic pile, ate, portion, dilute, carload, ton, burn, exterminated, sess, weed, murdered, sheaf, mint, set, great deal, kitty, throne, survey, did in, caboodle, switch off, trim, potful, put to sleep, reams, smitten, prune, business deal, hundred, band, crook, grass, jackpot, swerve, rush, down, removed, befell, mound, thin, awoke, zillion, chew, vision, begat, much, mountain, splay, cud, load, gob, locoweed, quite a little, rationalise, issue, mussiness, disregard, push-down storage, smoke, push-down stack, jalopy, sight, gage, flock, drop off, iced, barrel, bus, bestrode, hoi polloi, turn off, stack, pile, strangled, peck, cumulus, snuffed, suffocated, ream, arose, fortune, mess hall, dislocate, hatful, geld, trend, slide, mickle, scad, arc, bulk, deal, commode, fistful, smothered, err, plentifulness, hanged, whole lot, dispatched, messiness, luxate, megabucks, slither, abundance, slip, turn out, gallop, scads, chaw, skip, smote, visual modality, multiplicity, butchered, drowned, clutch, stool, good deal, cumulation, million, corporation, sens, upsurge, tummy, charge, mount, fate, trillion, killed, fall away, spile, piling, heap, trim down, snub, cut back, purged, eliminated, crapper, muddle, bay window, jillion.

granule, deficiency, nip, poverty, dearth, undersupply, grain, lick, meagerness, touch, scarcity, sprinkle, shade, piece, smattering, jot, particle, smatter, little, ounce, suspicion, bit, famine, fragment, dab, scintilla, trace, sprinkling, dot, flyspeck, iota, atom, pinch, crumb, smidgen, handful, taste, ace, inadequacy, shot, morsel, whit, ray, molecule, driblet, scarceness, nubbin, peanuts, drop, insufficiency, tad, lack, skimpiness, mouthful, shortage, pittance, scrap, scruple, dash, speck, mote, shadow, section, dram, fleck, mite, strain, deficit, modicum, portion, scantness, tittle, scantiness, spot, absence, glimmer, want, hint, shred, streak, paucity.

Examples of usage:

1) To make the connection between Jehovah and the impending storm more obvious still, Moses stretched his rod toward heaven, and there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, such as slew man and beast, and smote the trees, and destroyed all the vegetation which had yet grown up. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Tommy, you awfully nearly slew that goat. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) Yet Cephalion gave a different account of the death of Semiramis from Ctesias; according to him Ninyas slew her. - "The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)", Max Duncker.