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Spell check of premier

Correct spelling: premier

overriding, aristocracy, highest, commanding, dominant, star, supreme, arch, overmastering, wonderwoman, number one, president, paragon, cabinet minister, champ, chief executive, big, overbearing, primary, postmortem examination, assemblywoman, alderman, promethium, victor, prior, prime minister, high, superwoman, prize winner, elite, key, paramount, headmost, Chancellor of the Exchequer, grand, central, sovereign, agent, nobility, main, leading, Chequers, prodigy, superior, master, prima donna, supereminent, lead, first, virtuoso, preeminent, exceller, greatest, alderwoman, leadoff, autopsy, principal, atomic number 61, postmortem, the Taoiseach, leader, earliest, capital, boss, assemblyman, primal, prime, winner, premiership, pioneer, presiding, major, chancellor, top, great, Pm, post-mortem, cardinal, predominant, chief, champion, Downing Street, elementary, commander, superman, important, original, numero uno, maiden, initial, premiere, phase modulation, the Lodge, basic, necropsy, inaugural, foremost, chief minister.

ensuing, second, terminal, consequent, junior, subsidiary, inferior, coadjutor, succeeding, trivial, subsequent, least, lesser, lower, trifling, minor, slight, deputy, late, ancillary, following, less, subordinate, insignificant, assistant, penultimate, assisting, unimportant, secondary, ultimate, under, latter, negligible, lowly, inconsequential, terminating, latest, inconsiderable, collateral, final, last, advanced.

Examples of usage:

1) My name is Arthur Cherami, former land- holder, ci- devant premier high- liver of the capital. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.

2) Was no one in America aware that the French Premier is a fluent speaker in English? - "Psycho-Phone Messages", Francis Grierson.

3) The Minister of War was dismissed on a side issue, the Premier assumed his responsibilities and everybody was more or less satisfied, except the Irish. - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.