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Spell check of peppy

Correct spelling: peppy

robust, dashing, dynamic, emphatic, chipper, zealous, snappy, alert, strenuous, flush, bouncing, vigorous, dynamical, fiery, vital, spunky, exuberant, jaunty, resilient, impassioned, rattling, powerful, afire, zippy, mettlesome, lively, hearty, earnest, energetic, jazzy, strong, enthusiastic, forceful, animate, gamey, fervid, pizzazzy, game, animated, alive, vivacious, fervent, lusty, merry, puissant, pert, excited, racy, ablaze, driving, airy, springy, mighty, ardent, gamy, sparky, live, full-blooded, bouncy, high-spirited, action, industrious, prolific, spry, enterprising, driven, spirited, perky, passionate, zestful, enlivened, potent, red-blooded, gingery, virile, agitated, sprightly, burning, brisk, effervescent, spanking, kinetic, active, frisky, eager, gritty.

impassive, unhealthy, lazy, prostrated, faint, powerless, lifeless, weak, invertebrate, lethargic, apathetic, delicate, lackadaisical, stolid, sapped, languishing, sleepy, dull, dead, wimpy, spiritless, feeble, debilitated, effete, inactive, leaden, soft, indolent, vapid, inert, spineless, impotent, unsound, boring, unwell, irksome, torpid, broken-down, decrepit, tedious, listless, wan, ill, languid, tired, enervated, frail, unambitious, infirm, languorous, phlegmatic, prostrate, limp, sluggish, disabled, weakened, weary, nerveless, worn-out, wasted, inanimate.

Examples of usage:

1) Of course we cannot all be as startlingly clever as Carol, but Hallowe'en, which comes this year on October 31st, offers a splendid opportunity for originality and " peppy" fun. - "Perfect Behavior A Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen in all Social Crises", Donald Ogden Stewart.

2) My green drink makes my body feel very peppy all day, so it certainly enhances my life and may extend it. - "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor", Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon.

3) No more tourists, they gloated, to stand with their backs to the Temple of Heaven in Pekin and explain the superior construction of the Masonic Hall at Cedar Rapids; no more visitors to the champagne caves at Rheims to inquire where they could get a shot of real bourbon; no more music lovers at Salzburg or Glyndebourne to regret audibly the lack of a peppy swingtune; no more gourmets in Vienna demanding thick steaks, rare and smothered in onions. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.